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Linda Blair Uses “Exorcist” Earnings To Help Animals

Linda Blair, the freaky girl in The Exorcist and animal rights activist, is known for helping boost the success of animal shelters around the country. On Friday, she really helped out the Indianapolis Humane Society. Blair says she wanted to be a veterinarian when she was 13. Then she began filming The Exorcist and Vet school was why she wanted …

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The Vatican Denies Pope Performed Exorcism

Did Pope Francis, the latest to ascend to the Catholic throne, perform an exorcist on a wheelchair-bound young man this past Sunday? According to those who know what the ritual entails–beyond the movies, anyway–it appears as if the prayer the Pope performed over the man was done for exorcism purposes. There is video of the incident in question: As indicated, …

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Proof That The Exorcist Would Have Been A Hilarious Sitcom In The 80s

When we see things like this, we are reminded of how much life has been improved with the advent of YouTube. You’ve seen plenty of other movies and shows recut as 80s sitcoms, no doubt (Breaking Bad is still a favorite). Now, here’s The Exorcist, just in time for Halloween, courtesy of FIlm School Rejects.

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