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World Economy To Continue Modest Growth in 2014

Since the economic downturn that began more than five years ago, the world economy has struggled to lurch forward. There are signs, however, that the global economy is beginning to pick back up, albeit slowly. Market research firm IHS today released top economic predictions for the coming year. Among them is the prediction that the global economy will grow 3.3% …

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Home Sales Rose in July, But Prices Didn’t Follow

The U.S. Department of Commerce announced yesterday that residential home sales throughout the U.S. rose 3.6% in July over home sales in June. The July sales rate matches the rate seen in May, which was the highest rate seen in just over two years. The sales, estimated at 372,000 homes, are also 25.3% more than July home sales in 2011, …

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Could Manufacturing Save The U.S. Economy?

While economic growth in the United States is expected to slow in the first quarter of 2012, the manufacturing industry is expected to grow. In the past two years manufactureres have added 330,000 new jobs. Part of the reason for this growth has to do with rising costs in foreign manufacturing. When costs rise elsewhere, manufacturing in the United States …

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