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John Travolta Finally Addresses Rumors

Iconic actor John Travolta doesn’t give too many revealing interviews. However, the Pulp Fiction star recently opened up to The Daily Beast while attending The Toronto Film Festival in support of his film The Forger. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Douglas Gotterba, a former pilot who worked for Travolta in the 1980s, will have the opportunity to claim in a …

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Yahoo News Gets New Deputy Editor In Daniel Klaidman

Yahoo has been rebuilding its Yahoo News team in recent months with some high profile talent acquisitions. On Monday, the company announced yet another new team member with the appointment of Daniel Klaidman to the Deputy Editor position. He comes from The Daily Beast, where he was the national political correspondent. In this new role, Klaidman will oversee day-to-day editorial …

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Howard Kurtz Fired After Jason Collins Story

Howard Kurtz, the writer whose piece on Jason Collins drew backlash earlier this week, has been fired from The Daily Beast. Kurtz alleged in his story that Collins, who has just come out as a gay man, didn’t come clean about his engagement to a woman. He also made several errors regarding Collins’ essay in Sports Illustrated, then updated his …

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Newsweek Goes Strictly Digital After 80 Years

Newsweek, which has been in publication for nearly 80 years, is adopting an all-digital format. In 2010, the publication merged with online publication The Daily Beast, and now the combined company has decided the print business is no longer needed. It won’t be all TheDailyBeast.com. Tablet apps will remain a major part of the strategy, as well as a premium …

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Tyra Banks: Too Fat To Be A Young Model Now, She Says

In the wake of Vogue Magazine’s recent announcement that they would no longer allow models who appear to have an eating disorder to grace their pages, Tyra Banks has written an open letter to The Daily Beast, urging women–especially mothers–to love their bodies and not to let social pressures dictate what they choose to look like. She also says that …

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Ashley Judd Takes On Media In Strong Essay

Actress Ashley Judd is known to speak her mind when she’s passionate about something, and considering she’s obviously well-read and informed about a wide spectrum of things, it’s worth taking a moment to listen. Or, in this case, to read. Judd has written an essay for The Daily Beast regarding the media and our society’s obsession with women’s bodies/faces, and …

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