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Marcia Brady Reimagined: How Danny Trejo Transformed

Marcia Brady is one of the most recognizable faces of comfortable, soothing retro television. As a member of The Brady Bunch, Marcia Brady was everyone’s favorite, many times to the disdain of little sister Jan. Danny Trejo is a gnarly, …

Ann B. Davis: Alice from ‘The Brady Bunch’ Led Christian Life

Ann B. Davis passed away this weekend at the age of 88, after falling in her bathroom and hitting her head. She, of course, played Alice Nelson, the beloved housekeeper/maid on The Brady Bunch throughout the show’s entire run. What …

‘The Brady Bunch:’ Fans Mourn Ann B. Davis’s Passing

The Brady Bunch was a beloved TV hit from 1969 to 1974 and even today fans still recall lines from the iconic series. Those same fans are no doubt among those mourning the passing of Ann B. Davis whose role …

A Very Brady Social Network
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Greg Brady — you know, from the Brady Bunch — isn’t really Greg Brady, though Barry Williams, the actor who played the iconic character, doesn’t mind if you call him that. In fact, the character serves as an excellent brand vehicle by which Williams can reinvent himself online via a new social network for fans called The Greg Brady Project