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Avengers: Age Of Ultron Trailer Leaks: Marvel Is Furious, But Fans Are Elated

How Marvel Studios managed to keep the trailer for Avengers: Age Of Ultron under wraps this long is anyone’s guess. Despite the company promising the trailer to viewers of the struggling Agents of Shield, it seems that someone felt that excited fans shouldn’t have to wait that long. The trailer has made its way to the internet via a leak. …

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The Extended Avengers Trailer Hits the Web

After teasing the crowd with 30 seconds of glorious movie footage, The Avengers teaser trailer that was shown during the Super Bowl, left those wanting more Avengers footage panting. However, if you were paying attention, there was a “Extended Look at” disclaimer following the teaser, and thanks to Marvel, the extended version of the teaser is now available; however, …

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Avengers Trailer Breaks iTunes Record

Besides generating a great deal of feedback, Marvel Studios released a press release saying their new trailer for next summer’s The Avengers broke records for being the most downloaded trailer ever at iTunes. The aforementioned feedback was loud and clear on many movie-following websites, including Ain’t It Cool News, SlashFilm, Fark, Super Hero Hype and Reddit, to name a few. …

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