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Arsenio Hall Sees Show Canceled Despite Renewal

Arsenio Hall released a statement this week regarding the cancellation of his show, which has officially been dropped after just one season despite CBS renewing it in February. The network cited a lack of audience growth, and Hall himself noted that they knew in the beginning that the road would be long and difficult. “When I started this adventure with …

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Wiz Khalifa and Miley Cyrus Smoke Together: “She’s Just Blowin’ Like a Train”

It’s pretty evident that Miley Cyrus’ go-to drug is molly, since she highly references it in her song “We Can’t Stop”: “So la da di da di We like to party Dancing with Molly “ But, it appears that mary jane is one other drug that Cyrus just can’t stop smoking. Sorry. Let me put it in simpler terms-Marijuana or weed to be exact. Wiz Khalifa has now confirmed even more that …

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Wiz Khalifa Talks Being Weed Pals With Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus loves pot. Rapper Wiz Khalifa loves pot. Together, they really love pot, and they smoked a ton of it when they were in the studio recently. That’s what Khalifa said when he visited the Arsenio Hall show this past Monday. He gave a few details about collaborating with Cyrus on his up and coming album Blacc Hollywood, and …

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Tyrese Talks About Paul Walker and New Book

Tyrese and the late Paul Walker were more than just fellow actors, sharing a set for the many Fast & Furious films. The two were a tight pair in real life too. Since the tragic passing of Walker, Tyrese along with his other friends and family have kept to themselves, taking the much-needed time to mourn the loss of the …

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Feud Between Arsenio Hall & Eddie Murphy?

On Wednesday night’s episode of the Arsenio Hall Show, guest, co-star, and old friend, Eddie Murphy, appeared as Hall’s guest. Hall and Murphy starred together in the 1988 comedy in which Murphy plays an African king who treks to New York to find his future wife. Hall plays the king’s wing man in the film. This year will mark the …

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