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Jennifer Nettles Talks New Album And Sports

You may know Jennifer Nettles as the lead singer of the country group Sugarland. However, Nettles recently took a step in her own direction and released her first solo album That Girl, in early January. During a recent interview with radio.com, Nettles opened up about her new album, and how she has tried to keep her album from sounding so …

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Jennifer Nettles Releases New Solo Album

On November 4, 2013 at the ASCAP Country Awards, Jennifer Nettles announced that she would be releasing her first solo album on January 14, 2014. Now, that time has come, and her album is already looking to be a smash hit. Sugarland fans were concerned when they found out that Nettles was working on a solo project, but Nettles put …

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Jennifer Nettles Releases New Album

Jennifer Nettles, the talented performer who made a name for herself as part of the country duo Sugarland, has spent four years working on a solo project. The project, which is titled That Girl was released on January 14th and already has fans and critics talking. Rick Rubin produced the album that showcased the wide vocal talents of the seasoned …

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Jennifer Nettles Is Ready For Her Solo Album

Jennifer Nettles has been a part of the country music band, “Sugarland”, for years. However, she says she is now ready to break away on her own and will release her first solo album on January 14, 2014. Nettles announced the date at the ASCAP Country Awards on Monday night. This was only one of many appearances she will be …

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Jennifer Nettles Ready for New Album Release

Jennifer Nettles is officially ready to release her solo album and has announced the date: January 14th. The Sugarland singer has a busy week ahead of her, full of appearances and album promotion, according to AP. On Sunday, she started the week with a listening party for her new album, entitled “That Girl”. She will continue the madness by attending …

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