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Kim Kardashian Seriously Considers Adopting Thai Orphan

On the latest installment of hit show Keeping Up With The Kardashians, it was revealed that Kim Kardashian wanted to adopt one of the orphans at the Thai orphanage they visited earlier this year. She “fell in love” with the …

Google AdSense Now Available In Thai

Google and Thailand haven’t always had the best relationship – a certain now-you’re-banned-and-now-you’re-not episode with YouTube was, at best, odd.  But the search giant’s setting those problems aside in pursuit of growth, and is offering AdSense for search in Thai.

Google LatLong Looks at New York, Europe

It’s Friday, and odds are that you wish it was Saturday.  Or that you weren’t at work – it usually amounts to the same thing.  And although the powers of time travel and transportation are beyond me, there are some Google-approved maps that focus on faraway places.

Google Apologizes, Thailand Drops Lawsuit
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Quite a line was forming up, but it appears there’s now one less organization in the world that wants to sue YouTube; since the video-sharing site decided to take down clips in which the king of Thailand was insulted, the Thai government has dropped its criminal lawsuit.

Google Apologizes, Thailand Drops Lawsuit
Google Apologizes, Thailand Drops Lawsuit
Google Apologizes, Thailand Drops Lawsuit

Reddit Carried Early News Of Thai Coup

Social bookmarking site Reddit received running commentary from one of its users in Bangkok as a military coup began to take place.

Google’s AdWords Guidelines In Action

When you choose your ad text for Google, use a hefty dose of caution. As Thai Winds learned, it’s tough to bend Google’s ad rules, even if you’re right.

When Thai Winds decided to use Google’s AdWords program, they wrote their ad in the way that made the most sense from the perspective of their business. They didn’t anticipate what happened next, however – their ad was disapproved, all of their ads with Google were deleted because of the phrases they chose.