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Expect Google Webmaster Tools Makeover
The official Google Webmaster Central Blog says within 6 weeks, an overall overhauled Webmaster central – both its Content and Organization will be unveiled.

Hidden Text Okayed by Google

No, the headline isn’t a joke. Google okayed hidden text–in certain contexts, of course.

Remember a couple weeks ago when Search Engine Land was outed for spamming? Several readers, in an effort to be helpful (I’m sure), pointed out that this particular trick was the Fehrer Image Replacement technique.

Google Pilots AdSense To Video
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A closed pilot program for video ads on AdSense will launch this week; it’s a limited test that give online video publishers control of the ad displays.

When To Use Graphics On Your Website

Overall, using text is more preferrable, than using graphics (images, pictures, Flash and so on) on a website, because it is easier to understand and remember – and also accessible to the people and the search engines.

But there are some cases, when using graphics is the right thing to do.

When to use graphics

As mentioned in the earlier article, graphics should only be used, when it is absolutely necessary, such as:

Search Engine Friendly: On Page Content
About a year or two ago I had a potential client contact me to inquire about our services. They had heard a lot about us and were really interested in our services for their website marketing. But our discussions ended up hitting a snag before we could get a contract signed. In fact, I basically told them that we were not the ones to be able to help them.

What was the snag? They were unwilling to make any changes to the visible look of their website. They said they had poured thousands of dollars into the design and they liked it exactly the way it was.

Why Most Web2.0 Companies Fail
If you improve the value of another service based largely on their infrastructure or data, it usually doesn’t take much for them to roll your offering into their well known brand, and kill your market position.

Alexaholic was praised by Alexa for being innovative, right up until they sued when the creator failed to sell them the domain name. It took a year for Alexa to clone Alexaholic.

Sacrificing Top Placing in Blog Awards

A key metric typically used to measure blog popularity is the number of bloglines subscribers or feedburner subscribers. These measures give an idea of the number of subscribers you have to your RSS feed.

In theory, this represents your “subscriber core” and indicates how ’sticky’ your content is.

You might think this blog fares abysmally, according to Text Link Ads “Blog Juice” calculator.

The Best Search Engine According to PC World

PC World has recently released the results of their "Search Engine Shoot-Out"

PC World

Full Text vs. Partial Text Feeds

Ahh, the arguing over whether to do full text or partial text feeds continues. This time with Feedburner saying they aren’t seeing a click-through difference.

Personally I hate partial text feeds. I’ve subscribed to a few of them, particularly ZDNet’s bloggers, but I notice I read a lot fewer of their items than I read items from, say, TechCrunch or Mashable, who offer full text feeds. And I link to them a LOT less.

Paid Links Economy

Measuring the quality of an ad system

Many bloggers and other website owners around the world aren’t selling their content these days, they’re financing their site with advertising. Almost every ad system seems to be a compromise. You can measure this compromise across different parameters: is the ad relevant? Is it unobtrusive? Is it disclosed? Is the product or service advertised fair to users? Is the ad directly influencing search engine rankings? Is the ad creating a conflict of interest? Is the ad obfuscating the voice of the website owner?

CallWave Teams Up With Google Desktop

Google and CallWave have partnered to provide a text-messaging gadget for Google Desktop users. With the utility, users will be able to send text messages to any cell phone, while choosing to receive them either as an e-mail message or have them sent directly to their handset.

The service is currently still in beta, and allows subscribers to send unlimited text messages throughout the United States and Canada.

Twitter – Uncommon Uses
In a continuation of my series Uncommon Uses (previously Podcasts, wikis and SMS text interfaces) I thought I’d look at Twitter, for such a new simple tool I’m thinking most of the uses are Uncommon Uses. One of the things that made Twitter take off was it’s simplicity and with that simplicity comes the ability for it’s users to mold it into what they want.

Text Messaging = Price Gouging? OMG! WTF?
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In comparison to the other ways in which consumers spend money, sending a text message seems relatively cheap. The truth, however, is that mobile users pay 7314% more to send a text message than they actually should.

Is More Text on a Single Page Better For SEO?

Dear Kalena…

Having just bribed you with a coffee, I have a question which might be interesting to other readers. Say a web site has 500 words of text. Would the site have a higher Google PageRank if all the text was on one page (using scroll bars) as opposed to spreading over 5 pages?

For example the home page of the Oz site (http://www.lowercall.com.au/index.html) is currently spread over 4 web pages. The latter pages do not have any PageRank whereas the first page does. Is there any reason why we should not put all the text on one page and use a scroll bar?

Even the Search Engines are Bad at SEO

Yahoo! allows paid inclusion members to buy quick links in the search results and indexes sites more fully if they use Yahoo! for their site search. While neither of these may seem like a big deal they both are.

Google Sneaks Embedded Text Link Ads Into PPA
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What’s been called an assault on click-fraud, or affiliate networks, or both, could also carry with it a little controversy. Google’s recent beta launch of pay-per-action AdSense, available only to US advertisers, was released overtop another new product: the text link format ad unit.

AdWords Pay Per Action Hits Beta
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The new pricing model offered by Google to its AdWords clients means those advertisers will only pay Google when a customer converts in a specified way.

WordPress – Extra Text Editing

A client asked me today for more control in their Wordpress control panel. Specifically, when posting they wanted to control the font sizes, colors and do a bit more. As a designer I always freak at that question as I think the code is going to be filled with massive amounts of font tags and out of order strong tags and ohhh the madness. But, then again, maybe I’m overreacting.

Google Shows Backlinks Text

This is pretty cool for webmasters – Google now offers you to see the most popular link text pointing to your site. Just go to your Google Webmaster Tools -> Statistics -> Page analysis.

Google Shares Backlink Anchor Text Information

If you’re a search marketer, you’ve never had it so good. The days of working in the dark with Google and trying to patch together pieces of software or intricate search commands, are on their way out.

Google’s Phone Patent A Ghost In Your Machine

For now, we’ll put off dark fantasies of robots taking over. No, no, no. No Skynet, no iRobot, none of that. If you don’t want go cross-eyed trying to read a recent Google patent application, just take some smart people’s word for it. Google’s working on a phone technology that knows more about you than you do.

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