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Texas Pulls “Groping Bill” After TSA Threatens Flight Shutdowns

Score one for the federal government, I guess. The Texas Senate was forced to abandon their plans to pass a bill referred to as the “Groping Bill” after the Transportation Security Administration played the federal trump card. According to Forbes, The Groping bill would have made illegal any pat-downs performed by the TSA that involved touching the “anus, sexual organ, …

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Facebook Makes Austin Expansion Official

Austin, Texas – which already plays home to tech companies Freescale Semiconductor and Dell – will soon boast a Facebook office, too.  A $1.4 million incentive package we reported on in late February has been approved, and Facebook’s decided to establish a team in Austin as a result.

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Texas Governor Coaxes Facebook To Open New Office

Although it isn’t quite a done deal, Texas Governor Rick Perry seems to have more or less ensured that Facebook will open a sales and operations office in Austin.  Perry’s offered the company $1.4 million as an incentive to establish the branch and create some jobs.

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