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Mali Explosion Caused by Suicide Bombers in Kidal

The AP reported this morning that an explosion rocked a UN World Food Programme storage facility in the town of Kidal in northern Mali. Two civilians died in the attacks and seven others were wounded by shrapnel. The targeted building was blown apart, and Daouda Maiga, an official from Kidal, said that aid supplies were being stored in the building. …

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Nairobi Westgate Mall: Islamists Kill 25

Islamists around the world are staging coordinated attacks with increasing regularity. Yesterday saw a series of coordinated attacks on the Arabian peninsula, and today sees al-Qaeda affiliated militants seizing a shopping mall, killing dozens and injuring 40. Witnesses say that terrorists were responsible for the attack, which happened earlier this morning. Gunmen burst into the mall and indiscriminately killed some …

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AQAP Stages Suicide Car Bombing, Kills 38 Yemenis

The AP via USA Today reported earlier today that al-Qaeda militants in Yemen launched a coordinated attack on a military barracks in the southern part of the country called Shabwa province. 38 soldiers were killed in the attacks and dozens of others were wounded. Yemeni defense official Maj. Mohammed Nasser, speaking about the attacks, said that the soldiers were caught …

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