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Mali Explosion Caused by Suicide Bombers in Kidal
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The AP reported this morning that an explosion rocked a UN World Food Programme storage facility in the town of Kidal in northern Mali. Two civilians died in the attacks and seven others were wounded by shrapnel. The targeted building …

Nairobi Westgate Mall: Islamists Kill 25

Islamists around the world are staging coordinated attacks with increasing regularity. Yesterday saw a series of coordinated attacks on the Arabian peninsula, and today sees al-Qaeda affiliated militants seizing a shopping mall, killing dozens and injuring 40. Witnesses say that …

AQAP Stages Suicide Car Bombing, Kills 38 Yemenis
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The AP via USA Today reported earlier today that al-Qaeda militants in Yemen launched a coordinated attack on a military barracks in the southern part of the country called Shabwa province. 38 soldiers were killed in the attacks and dozens …