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Seattle Seahawks Acquire Terrelle Pryor, Retain Richard Sherman For 2014 Season

The Seattle Seahawks have barely come off their win against the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl XLVIII, but the team is already looking forward to the next season. In fact, the team has already acquired one high profile player and cemented its relationship with another. The Seattle Seahawks announced that they have acquired Oakland Raiders’ quarterback Terrelle Pryor. According to …

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Oakland Raiders Look to Trade Terrelle Pryor

In 2011, the Oakland Raiders and former owner Al Davis decided to select Terrelle Pryor in the third round of the supplemental draft, a special draft held for those players who did not qualify for the regular draft, whether it be due to a late entry or, in the case of Pryor, issues with collegiate eligibility which forced the player …

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Matt Schaub Traded From Texans To Raiders

The Raiders have struggled greatly over the past several seasons, and as a result, they are in dire need of a new quarterback. Matt Schaub has been traded to the Raiders in exchange for a 6th-round pick, but who benefits from the trade is also in question. The Texans and Raiders are both in serious need of a quarterback, and …

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Oakland Raiders Give Steelers “The Bird”

For the first time in many years (Their last winning season was in 2002), the Oakland Raiders made news for reasons other than being the worst team in the NFL. Unfortunately, their success came at the hands of one of the league’s worst teams currently – the Pittsburgh Steelers (We all know the worst team is Jacksonville.) With Sunday’s 21-18 …

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