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Jill Scott Voices Support for Bill Cosby, Debates on Twitter

Actress and singer-songwriter Jill Scott is under fire for voicing her support for Bill Cosby who continues to have rape allegations stack up against him. The argument started when the 42-year-old was asked to sign and share a petition on Twitter to support Temple University severing its ties with Cosby. Scott, who holds an honorary doctorate from Temple, shot back …

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Jill Scott Publicly Defends Bill Cosby Amidst Growing Sexual Misconduct Allegations

Jill Scott has decided to take a stand in support of Bill Cosby amid the growing number of women who allege sexual misconduct by the entertainer. The singer made her position known on Cosby’s ongoing scandal on Monday, bashing Twitter followers and the media for destroying the beleaguered comedian’s “magnificent legacy.” Scott, 42, who received an honorary degree from Cosby …

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Bill Cosby Steps Down from University Board Amid Rape Allegations

Bill Cosby has been been member of the Temple University Board of Trustees for 32 years. But now, amid allegations of sexual misconduct and rape, Cosby has stepped down. “I have always been proud of my association with Temple University,” Cosby said. “I have always wanted to do what would be in the best interests of the university and its …

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Bill Cosby Adds Humor To Lewis Katz’s Memorial

His T-shirt read “Self-Made, Philly Made, Temple Made.” His sweatpants were red, and he hadn’t bothered to shave. Instead of the typical black attire most associated with funerals, Bill Cosby opted to wear a pair of blazing red Temple University sweatpants and a tucked in black T-shirt to his friend’s memorial service on Wednesday. The 76-year-old comedian actually went to …

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