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Free 411 From Microsoft’s Tellme

In case you missed it, April is “National Launch a Free 411 Service” month. I know, we both missed it on our calendars, but I know it’s true because hot on the heels of Google’s free 411 service, comes news that Microsoft’s recently acquired Tellme has launched its free 411 offering.

Google’s Got The 411

Don’t have access to a computer or phone book but need to find the number of a local business? Google Labs has launched an "experiment" that provides free 411 services.

Microsoft Confirms Tellme Acquisition

After much rumor earlier in the week, Microsoft has indeed agreed to acquire speech recognition software provider, Tellme.

Microsoft: It’s Official, We’re Buying TellMe

In a statement today, Microsoft has confirmed its intentions to purchase TellMe, a provider of multiple different types of voice information services. Specific terms of the acquisition have not been disclosed as of yet.

It looks like you can chalk this one up as gossip that actually came to fruition. The last week has been rife with speculation that Microsoft would be purchasing TellMe. It was actually one of the more prominent news pieces until Viacom came along and stole the spotlight by dropping a billion-dollar bomb on YouTube.