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Target Black Friday 2014: Maybe the Cheapest HDTV Deal Around

Black Friday 2014 will see one of the best deals on an HDTV. It can be found at Target … but not in the store. Target is offering a Black Friday 2014 deal on an Element 40-inch 1080p LED/LCD TV …

Apple TV May Come In Sizes Ranging From 46 To 55 Inches [Rumor] Apple TV May Come In Sizes Ranging From 46 To 55 Inches [Rumor]

The Apple TV is already a thing, but people are still holding out for an actual television from the hardware giant. Rumors of an Apple HDTV have been around for years, but 2012 saw a decided jump in reports and …

2 Million Apps Downloaded for Samsung Smart TVs

A rep for Samsung emailed WebProNews to tell us that Samsung has reached 2 million apps downloaded for its smart TVs in 53 days. Not quite as impressive as Apple’s Mac store hitting a million app downloads in a single day, but the connected TV industry is a bit of a different beast. The rep writes:

Google, Panasonic To Put YouTube On TV

There are a lot of great clips on YouTube, and as the writers’ strike continues, they’ll look increasingly tempting in comparison to television programming.  I still have to wonder, though, whether putting YouTube on TV, as Google and Panasonic are preparing to do, is a good idea.