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Joel Osteen Doesn’t Want Anti-Gay Stance To Define His Ministry

Pastor Joel Osteen is open about his disapproval of gay marriage, but he does not want his opinion to define his whole ministry. During a talk with Osteen and his wife Victoria, HuffPost Live’s Marc Lamont Hill asked him if gay marriage goes against the rules of Christianity. Osteen told Hill, “It would be, but I don’t really focus on …

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Paul Crouch: His Replacement Better Be Sincere

As you know, Paul Crouch, famed televangelist and co-founder of the Trinity Broadcasting Network passed away yesterday from degenerative heart failure. He had been battling the condition for two years. The history of televangelism is a rocky one so it would be natural to raise concerns as to who will be the next face on the Christian TV. Televangelist need …

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