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VOIP Company Now Lets You Port Landline Number VOIP Company Now Lets You Port Landline Number

netTALK.COM, Inc. announced today that it now supports local number portability (LNP), enabling customers in the U.S. to keep their existing landline phone number. Anastasios ‘Takis’ Kyriakides, President and CEO of netTALK, says: “Keeping your own number is a pivotal …

Yahoo Dials In Jajah For Voice

VoIP service Jajah benefited from Yahoo’s strategic shift as the recipient of the outsourcing of Phone In and Phone Out premium voice services for Yahoo Messenger.

AOL speaks up with Open Voices API

Developers will be able to build applications to integrate AIM Call Out into devices with wi-fi connections as well as SIP-enabled devices, and softphones.

The Privacy Is In The Pudding (Or Not)

There are so many obvious cliché puns just sitting there, grinning like toads: if you don’t eat your meat…; the proof is in the…; $240 worth of…Pudding. What pudding has to do with telephony services is unclear, except that Pudding Media has started a conversation about how far is too far when it comes to targeted advertising.

The Future of IP Telephony

IP Telephony is a rapidly emerging technology for voice communication that uses the ubiquity of IP-based networks to deploy IP Technology enabled devices in enterprise and home environments.

O’reilly Emerging Telephony Conference Notes

Didn’t make it to ETEL last week in San Fran?

VoIP Telephony: Is It the Right Fit for You?

Voice over IP is the new buzz, but not easily understood by the masses yet. Here we break down the fundamentals so consumers can determine if it is a good fit for their telephony needs?

Republic Polytechnic Builds IP Telephony into Transparent, Wireless Campus IT Environment

Deployed by Radiance Communications with Equipment from Cisco Systems, Republic Polytechnic’s IP Telephony System Delivers Voice over Wireless LAN.