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Gain A New Appreciation For The Internet By Checking Out This Underwater Cable Map

In today’s modern world, the Internet connects us all with each other. That used to be a much harder task before the advent of fiber optic cables in the 1980s. Now cables are being laid all over the world, including under the ocean, to connect us all to the magic of the Internet. Of course, we should never take the …

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Due To Skype, Your International Calls Will Not Be Completed As Dialed

In the very near future it looks like we’ll be adding the international phone call to the List of Inglorious Obsolescence currently populated by Crystal Pepsi, privacy, MC Hammer pants, and crank-start automobiles. Due to the increased “cross-border traffic” of Skype users, fewer and fewer people are making international long-distance telephone calls with their phone company. A new study released …

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