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Coming Soon: More Amazon Hardware Products, Facebook Check-Ins?
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According to the New York Times, Amazon is looking into building more hardware products beyond the Kindle, citing "people with direct knowledge of the company’s plans". These products would be aimed at making it easier to purchase Amazon content, such as ebooks, music, and/or movie rentals.

Stevens’ Net Neutrality Poll Down The Tubes
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Ted Stevens thinks we’re stupid. Trying to put this Net Neutrality debate to rest in the Senate, Stevens (R-AK) distributed the results of a “bipartisan” poll indicating that the vast majority of Americans would rather watch more TV than have a neutral Internet.

Bloggers Unearth Secret Senator

Someone in the US Senate put a hold on S.2590, a bill that would compel the government to publish an accessible database of federal spending. Political pundits on both sides of the blogosphere wanted to know one thing:

Ted Stevens Tries To Pull a Fast One
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Senator Ted Stevens may not have a grasp on how, exactly, the Internet works, but the veteran politician could teach Congressional rookies a thing or too about getting your way in Washington. Net Neutrality supporters are hitting the phones trying to prevent Stevens from orchestrating a backdoor vote.

MySpace Undeletes Ted Stevens Spoof

MySpace has lots of rules for its members. There’s no nudity allowed. Nor does the site tolerate copyright and trademark infringement or deceptive advertising. And for a minute there, it appeared MySpace members were also not allowed to make fun of Senator Ted Stevens.

Net Neutrality, Meet Jon Stewart

What does it take to for Net Neutrality to get national television coverage? It takes an asinine explanation of the Internet by the chairman of the Senate Commerce Committee. Was this picked up on NBC, Fox, CNN or another major news network? Nope. Comedy Central.

Ted Stevens Gets ‘An Internet’

The Net Neutrality debate got a little comic relief last week after an impassioned speech by Senator Ted Stevens against legislating certain limitations on broadband providers. Stevens, who is most famous for his “Bridge To Nowhere” grandstanding in the wake of Hurricane Katrina budgeting, voiced disappointment over the delay in receiving “an internet” from his staff.