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Everything You Need To Know About Video Games From Their Origins To The Early 90s

Kids (and adults) absolutely love video games. Whether they be on consoles, PC or mobile, people love the interactive nature of video games. Unfortunately, many of those new to video games don’t have quite as much of an appreciation for the medium as those of who have been playing games for more than 20 years. That’s not a bad thing …

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TED-Ed Gets Its Own Site With Fun New Educator Tools

TED, the organization dedicated to making the world smarter in all the coolest ways, announced today the launch of a new website fitted for its education services, TED-Ed. The new site consists of select content that represents the best collaborations between talented educators and animators as well as an inventory of tools to help educators engage students with the videos. …

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TED-Ed Gives Teachers the Power to Supply Life-Changing Lessons

TED-Ed is a newly launched YouTube channel that is dedicated to educating the world one video at a time. The forum invites teachers to share what they think are their best lessons to enhance connectivity between instructors and students, exchange curriculum and pedagogy, and spur curiosity. The channel was created by the non-profit foundation behind the “enlightening” TED conferences and …

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