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Technorati Adds Topics
Technorati has just added a new feature called topics, I was very excited to hear this because as you know i’ve written a couple of articles begging Technorati to get back to it’s roots of building tools for bloggers (see Can Bloggers Save Technorati). Unfortunately my excitement was short lived, and I’m beginning to feel like a long suffering technorati user.

Technorati Touts Topics

A new feature from blog search site Technorati offers a Fark-like tabbed organization of topics as relevant posts arrive.

Why Everyone Hates To Love Technorati But Still Does
For all of the criticism about Technorati’s inconsistent ranking figures or recent team changes, the one thing the site has intuitively understood from the beginning is the inherent desire for bloggers to be ranked. 

Technorati CEO Stepping Down

Dave Sifry, CEO of Technorati, announced today on the Technorati blog that he’s stepping down from his post. He states:

Sifry Out As Technorati CEO

David Sifry will remain chairman, but the top-end management duties have been passed to a trio of executives while the blog search site continues to search for a CEO.

29% Of Technorati Top 100 Never Hit Digg Home Page

I heard about this story from Glen yesterday about his extensive research into the correlation between the Technorati 100 and Digg home page stories.

Another Technorati Top 100 Benefit

There’s another benefit to being in the Technorati Top 100. In addition to being the most linked-to blogs as tracked by Technorati, the Top 100 blogs have made the Digg homepage 8000 times. Clickalite.com looked at Digg’s history to examine whether Technorati’s most popular tracked blogs were popular there, too. And were they ever.

Niche & Trend Tool List

There has been some useful posts of late that discuss the pracitical methods to get started at developing a new site or blog specifically for affiliate marketing. In particular Aaron Wall discusses practical tips for starting a new site and Dosh Dosh looks at choosing the right blog niche.

Technorati Takes Analytics Up A Notch

If you’ve been blogging for any length of time, you’d have heard of Technorati, the blog community site. They’ve recently revamped their stats and ranking system to factor in social factors. The net result? This blog has seen a jump in rankings, testament to the fact that social traffic strategies work.

Let’s look at the new stats panel:

Google Defeats Technorati in Uptime

Sometimes first impressions are better than they appear on a more measured look. Technorati is down right now and was for quite a while. UPDATE: It’s back up now. Why am I writing this? I don’t remember that Google’s Blogsearch EVER having been down (I use both quite often).

If Technorati Can Beat Google…

…Why not Microsoft or Google?

The newly-relaunched Technorati exposes a weakness in Google’s armor. I just tried a bunch of searches. Technorati does “Live” search MUCH MUCH better than Microsoft and even better than Google’s Blog Search.

Technorati Refreshes With Major Update
· 1

Spring cleaning at blog search site Technorati has yielded an updated interface and a more intuitive way to search for blog content.

SEW Live – Viral Marketing And Link Bait
· 2

Jennifer Laycock, Search Engine Guide Editor gave several tips for search marketers at the SEW Live in Columbus, Ohio.

Technorati Adds Authority, Subtracts Alexa
· 1

Blogs have a new number, Technorati Authority, attached to their profiles on Technorati, and that change was followed by the removal of Alexa traffic charts.

Benefits of Reciprocal Favoriting

Blogging experts and social media marketing experts frequently write about how important it is to build up a network of friends on social bookmarking sites, and even encourage careful gaming of the system by email and instant messenger.

That is gaming the system purely for their own benefit.

They might also frequently suggest you Digg their content, or add them to your bookmarks, or we could also add to that list "Add Me To Your Technorati Favorites", or "Subscribe to my feed".

Technorati 100 – Not So Hot?
Is it worth it to crack Technorati’s Top 100 Most Favorited Blogs? While the honor might be flattering, it may not be extremely useful to you or your blog. Amit Agarwal contends that the popular trend of “reciprocal favoriting” schemes have devalued the list:

Active Blogging Flat At 15.5 Million Blogs

Those who can be bothered to update their blogs at least once every 90 days has hit a broad piece of flat ground, with Technorati’s numbers showing minimal movement between October 2006 and March 2007.

Web 2.0 Expo: Venture Capital 2.0

A popular and very funny session today was the session entitled “Venture Capital 2.0: Bright Future or Broken Forever?”. This session was moderated by Mike Arrington of Techcrunch who is a former VC himself and current angel investor. It appeared like it could be boring listen to a bunch of venture capitalists talk, but Arrington did a very nice job spicing it up with well-timed insults and jokes.

Technorati Acquires Personal Bee

Mashable is reporting Technorati has acquired citizen journalism site The Personal Bee. Not familiar with The Personal Bee, me neither, so let’s take a look at what they say they do…

Blogcatalog vs Technorati?

As most of my readers are no doubt aware, I am a strong supporter of sharing the link love, but I always advocate sharing it in a focused manner, preferably from relevant content or from comments and trackbacks. If you trackback/pingback this blog you receive a reciprocal link between highly relevant content automatically, and not only Google and other major search engines count the links as relevant, but also blogging search engines such as Technorati, though with Technorati it is best to do it on a more recent post.

If you want to share the love from your blog, I compiled an extensive list of "dofollow" and "nofollow" resources covering major platforms such as Wordpress (on your own domain), blogger and Drupal. It is also possible on Typepad, and Dawud Miracle and Karen have been discussing ways to present the complicated procedure to remove nofollow on Typepad. Hopefully I will be able to link to a solution soon.

Sifry Seeks Technorati CEO Replacement

David Sifry has put out the word that blog search site Technorati wants to find a new CEO to possibly help take the company public.

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