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Global Consumers Willing To Pay For Some Online Content

Many global consumers are willing to pay for some online content or are open to increased advertising, but attitudes vary greatly by geography, demographics and content type, according to a new survey by Nielsen.

Nielsen polled more than 27,000 consumers in 54 countries to determine attitudes about paying for online content and to gauge what types of content consumers were most likely to support financially.

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Blockbuster May Have Busted Its Last Block

Mom-and-Pops might get to watch Blockbuster close up shop for a change. In a filing with the SEC, the movie rental company acknowledges it may not be able to secure a $250 million loan to continue operations.

Blockbuster, which operates 7,400 stores in 20 countries, had hoped to close next month on financing that would float them until 2010. Because of lender reluctance and the illiquidity facing the larger economy, however, the company may not be able to meet lenders’ terms. From the SEC filing summary:

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