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Aaron Hernandez Sticker Replaced by Tebow Sticker

Aaron Hernandez’s sticker legacy is in jeopardy. The Panini Group, which produces various sports and entertainment collectibles, has removed half a million Aaron Hernandez collectible stickers from its upcoming NFL collectible sticker line. What’s even better is that it’s replaced those 500K Hernandez stickers with one million Tim Tebow stickers. (To get readers who need it up to speed: Aaron …

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Tim Tebow: Dolphins Aren’t Interested

Quarterback Tim Tebow gained notoriety for his skills on the field with the Denver Broncos, as well as for his outspoken Christian beliefs. Now, an injury and decreased playing time with the New York Jets has led to him being without a team. According to an NFL.com report, casual speculation by an agent on a Miami radio program sparked rumors …

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Rex Ryan Poll: “I’m The Guy They Want To Play For”

Rex Ryan is fairly well-known for not keeping quiet about much of anything, so when he took the news of a recent “overrated coach” poll and flipped it to show how he’d beaten rival Bill Belichick, no one was shocked. The poll–taken anonymously by about 100 players from various teams–was a study in the most overrated guys to lead the …

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Tebow Cease And Desist: Jesus Shirts Rub Him The Wrong Way

Tim Tebow, who is perhaps just as well known for his devotion to Christianity as he is for football, had his lawyer send a cease-and-desist letter to Cubby Tees, a company which is selling a t-shirt bearing a logo similar to that of the Jets but says “Jesus” instead. There’s also a little football-shaped Ichthus fish below it. (image) According …

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Nike Vs. Reebok: Lawsuit Filed Over Tebow Jerseys

Nike and Reebok have been rivals in the sportswear business for about as long as there has been a sportswear business. Usually the competition is fairly friendly, but it has, at times, gotten a bit nasty. Such is the case now, with a lawsuit filed yesterday by Nike claiming that Reebok is trying to capitalize on consumer interest in Tim …

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