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Team GhostShell Ends 2012 With A Bang, Dumps 1.6 Million Public Agency Records

Christmas is the season of giving, and infamous hacker collective Team GhostShell apparently wanted to celebrate by leaking over a million public agency records. It’s all a part of #ProjectWhiteFox, a movement to promote freedom of information on the Internet. Team GhostShell linked to a pastebin press release on its Twitter account yesterday announcing its last hack of the year. …

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Anonymous Leaks 50,000 Wall Street IT Personnel Accounts

One of the more interesting teams operating with Anonymous is #TeamGhostShell. They are usually the team behind the more malicious attacks that target governments and corporations. Their latest operation, MidasBank, has one target clearly in its sites – Wall Street. #TeamGhostShell has so far released around 50,000 accounts from IT personnel who work on Wall Street. The accounts are from …

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