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Amazon Tries Taxis For Same-Day Deliveries

Amazon has been doing a lot of experimenting with different ways of getting products delivered to customers, while expanding its actual services that do just that. Now, the company is even trying out delivery by taxi. According to a report from The Wall Street Journal, Amazon has been testing this in San Francisco and Los Angeles this fall, using Flywheel, …

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Uber Driver Reportedly Smashed a Passenger’s Head with a Hammer

It’s Monday, and on-demand car service Uber is facing another PR nightmare after a driver in San Francisco allegedly smashed a passenger in the side of the head with a hammer. The incident happened last week, and the San Francisco Chronicle first reported it on Friday. According to police, 26-year-old Patrick Karajah has been charged with assault with a deadly …

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Uber, Lyft Reportedly Killing Taxi Business in San Francisco

One narrative for the influx of on-demand car services hitting cities across the country follows as such: plucky startups like Lyft and Uber are constantly fighting a battle with taxi companies, the old guard, who seek to unfairly regulate these new ridesharing platforms, thus stifling innovation. We’ve seen battles set against this narrative play out recently – most notably the …

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Yandex Launches Cab Fare Payments Service

Russian search company Yandex, who had some major social search plans in the U.S. fall apart last month, has now launched a new cab fare payments service via itsYandex.Taxi iPhone app, which allows users to pay with a bankcard, even if the taxi itself isn’t equipped with a card terminal. “In many countries it’s possible to pay for practically anything …

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Square Comes To New York City Cabs

According to various reports, and confirmed by CEO Jack Dorsey via Twitter, Square is coming to Taxi cabs in New York City. Lauren Goode at AllThingsD reports that the NYC Taxi and Limousine Commission has approved a proposal to get Square in 30 cabs in a test set to begin in the coming weeks. @jackJack DorseyI can’t wait to get …

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