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Tatyana McFadden Wins Medal At Paralympics

Tatyana McFadden’s time in Russia just got better. After reuniting with her birth mother in Sochi, Russian-born McFadden won her first medal at the Winter Paralympics on Wednesday. McFadden won the silver medal in the cross-country one-kilometer sprint sitting event. McFadden’s birth mother, the director of her former Russian orphanage, and her adoptive mother were there to witness McFadden’s most …

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Tatyana McFadden Completes Marathon “Grand Slam”

A racer’s greatest elemental fear is perhaps a head-wind – anything that will slow one’s performance is generally frowned upon. However, the knowledge of a 17 mph head-wind going into Sunday’s New York City Marathon brightened Tatyana McFadden’s spirits: “I’m just not a very good coaster compared to the other girls, so the head wind was a little bit of …

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