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Taser Aims To Create Robocop With Google Glass

Taser has been accepted into the Google Glass Explorer program, TheNextWeb reports, which could help it make devices for police officers that build on technology the company is already using. Check out this video for Taser’s AXON Flex: And this one from TheVerge: TheNextWeb spoke with Taser CEO Rick Smith: Talking to us earlier this week, Smith suggested that automated …

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Woman Tased After Trying to Buy Too Many iPhones

If you are doing your xmas shopping in Nashua, Hew Hampshire this year, you should know that their Apple Store is probably not going to sell you more than two iPhones, no matter how hard you plead. In fact, they’ll probably just call the cops and you’ll wind up getting tased. At least that’s what happened to Xiaojie Li. After …

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Jaywalker Tasered Repeatedly by Florida Police

Let’s face it: Most of us have jaywalked at some point in our lives. You can try to lie about it all you want, but the vast majority of able-bodied individuals have unlawfully darted across the street because they were simply in too much of a rush to wait for the light at the crosswalk. Although jaywalking should not be …

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Thanks, Internet! Naked Guy Slaps A Cop While Getting Tazed

You know that feeling you get when you watch something that you know you never would have been able to witness without the advent of the internet – that feeling of gratitude for YouTube, iPhones and the willingness of citizens to record anything and everything for the sheer enjoyment of others? Well, I got a wave of it after watching …

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Houston Cop a Little Too Taser Happy?

Marty Anthony badge #5328419 of the Houston, TX Police Department was visibly stressed and angered after two black men were recording the outside of a Wal-Mart that he was guarding. According to the footage the men were not trying to record the cop but were trying to show how many carts were left outside of their carousels in the parking …

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