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Google Site Targeting – Givin’ It Away

Early feedback on Google’s fledgling Site Targeting initiative suggested that much of the inventory might even be overpriced at the $2.00 CPM minimum.

Yahoo Publisher Network Adds Ad Category Targeting

Jen has news of a new feature on the Yahoo Publishers Network – ad category targeting – which allows publishers to assign categories of ads to their website.

Google Adjusts Site Targeting

In a recent issue of Page Zero Advisor, I argued (in part) as follows on the subject of Google’s new Site Targeting version of the content targeting program …

Microsoft Targeting End-of-year For Skype Demise?

Making a PC-to-phone call from one’s PC will be integrated into MSN Messenger by year’s end.

Is Google Getting Into Behavioral Targeting, or Not?

It’s interesting to juxtapose the formal and informal statements of Google staffers (on panels, and in the hallway) on the question of making more behavioral targeting available to advertisers …

Google Introduces Significant Enhancements To AdWords

Search engine-based PPC advertising is probably the hottest technique of advertising in the marketing available, largely because it is the most employed method on the Internet. With an estimated 40% of online advertising revenue being spent on search engine ad, the numbers bear this out.

AdWords Site Targeting Goes Live

After a beta test period proved successful, all Google AdWords advertisers can now access a “site targeting” feature for content-targeted ads, so they can control what partner sites their ads appear on. Placement will be auction-based, with CPM rates starting at $2.

US Intellectual Property Official Asks Sixth-Graders For Help

Under Secretary Jon Dudas discussed illegal downloading and software piracy with Utah schoolkids recently.

Targeting Through Tagvertising

Editor’s Note: In today’s issue, Steve takes a look at a new phenomenon in advertising called “tagvertising”. For example, many web users employ this form of bookmarking to keep track of items of interest, essentially, tags become online bookmarks.

Microsoft Files 8 Lawsuits Targeting Counterfeiting

Microsoft’s legal department announced the filing of 8 lawsuits in 7 different states against PC developers and resellers for the alleged distribution of counterfeit, illicit and unlicensed Microsoft software and the components accompanying them.

IBM And Network Appliance Agree To Partnership, Targeting EMC

With the promise of offering a “Lifeline to Clients Locked in by EMC,” Network Appliance and IBM have agreed to a partnership, which see IBM offering storage solutions based on the Network Appliance attached storage architecture, including the related software.

Mabir Virus Aggressively Targeting Mobile Phones

A variant of the Cabir mobile virus, called Mabir, has been targeting mobile phones using the Symbian Series 60 operating system. Mabir is capable of spreading via Bluetooth or by a phone’s messaging service.

MSN Search Ads To Include Behavioral Targeting

MSN Search will reportedly fold behavioral targeting into the mix of its new sponsored listings program, based on personal information provided by, for example, users of Hotmail.

Amazon & Behavior – Predictive Targeting

New Scientist is reporting on patents filed by Amazon on March 8th that will (do?) allow the online retail giant to extract keywords …

New Viruses Target Wireless Communication

In what is being termed as a “potential epidemic,” virus writers are planning on targeting attacks at mobile communication devices.

Targeting The Late Shopper

Even though the end of the holiday shopping season is coming to a fast finish, there’s still time to optimize your site or PPC campaign for holiday shoppers. While it’s true that time is of the essence, during the Christmas season there will always be late shoppers. When you consider some of the shipping options offered, last minute shopping is becoming more and more possible on the WWW.

Targeting Usage Demographics to Increase Paid Search Conversions

During conversations with web business professionals about pay-per-click search engines, “traffic volume” is always a hot topic. Over the last year or so, Google Adwords has emerged as the pay-per-click (PPC) search engine most enamored for driving “traffic volume”.

Behavioral Targeting: Advertising Embraces the Internet

Fresh off Ad Week and hearing the buzz about behavioral targeting, it seemed to make sense to put that term into perspective.

Motivating Your Web Site Visitors To Take Action: Personality Targeting

The theory that I’m presenting in this article is based on a variation of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and Kiersey Temperament Sorters.

Optimizing To Target Geographic Location

With most of the major search engines embracing the geographic targeting, through local search engines or by organic search using regional information, users now have more options with which to optimize for. Be it organic listings or PPC listings, there are a number of things that users can do to improve their performance within each area.

BURST Media Partners With Tacoda For Behavioral Targeting

Keeping with the Kanoodle/24/7 Real Media merger theme, BURST Media has announced a partnership with Tacoda for behavioral targeting purposes. The agreement sees BURST making use of Tacoda’s Audience Management System to track its audience.