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Is Google Shifting Site Targeting Program to CPC?

At least one panelist (David Szetela) on the Ad Program Strategies: Compare and Contrast panel here at SES London, argued that while he liked the control of Google’s Site Targeted flavour of content targeting, he wasn’t so fussy about the CPM-based pricing model.

Behavioral Targeting and Calculating Behaviors

I recently came across a press release from Revenue Science claiming that they now reach 1 Billion behaviors per day.

AdSense Now Offers Site Target Options

Jennifer Slegg informs us that Google has added new custom targeting channels for AdSense publishers. The new option allows AdSense users to label different ad units on their site, and allows AdWords advertisers to see this units and select them for their ads.

AdBrite And Behavioral Targeting

Ad network AdBrite has announced the addition of behavioral targeting to its ads.

Finding Your B2B Lead Generation

Often lead generation programs seem more ready-fire-aim instead of ready-aim-fire. Mac McInTosh wrote a helpful article on, “Targeting Your B2B Lead Generation,” that I think provides some good tips and reminders.

What Matters in Behavioral Ad Targeting?

Size of Your Segment and Network Reach.

Thinking Outside The Context For Ad Targeting

It’s conceivable that when targeting a demographic, tunnel vision could become an issue.

Click Quality Council Targeting Fraud

Members of the recently formed Click Quality Council want to speed up the process to establish standards for defining click fraud and valid pay-per-click activity. The white-hot issue of click fraud has become a source of greater concern for advertisers.

MSN Rolling Out Behavioral Targeting

ClickZ has details of MSN’s rollout of behavioral targeting for adCenter.

SES 2006 Week In Review

As per usual, this year’s Search Engine Strategies Conference in San Jose, Calif., was jam-packed with useful information on the latest online marketing and web design techniques.

SES 2006: Demographic Targeting

This session focused on demographic targeting. It has become a serious issue for online advertisers who want to find higher quality customers online.

Targeting the Podcast Crowd

New media brings with it a pocketful of questions. How do I utilize this new channel? Who is receiving the message? Is it the right audience for what I am trying to sell? Fewer people are asking, “what’s a podcast?”, but that doesn’t mean the audience is diverse.

Microsoft Targeting Google, Maybe

Frequent media stories that aim at pushing Microsoft and Google into an all-out battle royale don’t really hit the mark according to Microsoft’s CEO.

Google Adds Demographic Targeting to its Contextual Ad Network

Many marketers will likely find Google’s new demographic features interesting and useful. The big question is: when will Google add such capabilities to Search campaigns?

Demographic Targeting with Google AdWords

On the heels of MSN AdCenter’s demographic profiling aspirations, Google AdWords now offers demographic site selection with gender, age, and household income as the demographic categories available. The demographic information comes from ComScore. h/t Andy

Google AdSense Hints

Search Engine Journal, Search Engine Roundtable and Webmasterworld are discussing Google AdSense hints.

Google Calls For Blogtimization

The Google AdSense team posted some advice about placing AdSense blocks in blogs and making the most of the space on the blog to better profit from those ads.

Brushing Up With AdWords Learning Center

Whether and SEM pro or not, the AdWords Learning Center may be some help. From tutorials on optimization to lessons on local targeting, the Google webpage can help even the best search marketers bone up and reinforce their skills.

Google’s Site Targeting: Giving Control Back to the Advertiser

If you use Google’s Adwords program you know that in the past you had no control over where your text ads were displayed. By adding “site targeting” Google has finally given control back to the advertisers.

Google Personalization Patent Filed

Google has applied for a patent that, at face value, looks as if they are thinking of radically altering the way they rank websites in the general organic search results.

Google Site Targeting Drops To $0.25 CPM

Apparently, CPM rates aren’t what they used to be, especially on crap sites. To recap: Google came out with the new Site Targeting content targeting option, allowing advertisers to show ads on specific sites.