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FTC: No Gov’t Online Ad Regulation Threat

The two-day town hall meeting being held in Washington DC by the Federal Trade Commission had a common theme: avoiding government regulation.

Behavioral Targeting (BT) at eMetrics

Behavioral Targeting (BT), as I predicted earlier this year, has become very common term among marketers.

Look at any online marketing events and you will see more than one session on Behavioral Targeting. This was also evident at eMetrics in Washington DC, where a full track was devoted to Optimization and Behavioral Targeting and several other speakers, not in this track, also talked included Behavioral Targeting in their presentations.

Behavorial Targeting 101: Media Buying Tips

Have you heard of behavioral marketing, but not known exactly what it is? You probably have been exposed to behavioral targeting before at one or more points in your life and not even known it. Behavioral targeting, if done right, can be a very useful tool in your internet marketing tool belt.

SES – TopRank Day 1 Wrap Up
If you see these smiling faces at SES, be sure to say hello!

It’s a Targeted Targeted World

In a recent survey CNET asked AOL, Ask.com, Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo about their privacy policies and behavioral targeting. In some cases they asked follow-up questions for clarification.

Here are the results:

Behavioral Targeting Becoming ‘Essential’

Now is the time to do some behavioral targeting before it’s regulated. (Da guvmint is froggy on both sides of this issue, wanting at the same time to limit how much digital information is stored about users and to glean all they can from it for their own surveillance purposes.) Though people tend to be creeped out by how much marketers know about them, if done right, it can be mutually beneficial.

Behavioral and On Site Targeting Factors
Behavioral Targeting is the ability to target users based on their behavior on your website (this is one form known as on-site targeting). The concept of behavioral/on site targeting is exactly how business should be done: offer a customized solution to your end users so that they are truly engaged with your website.

Google’s Approach to Behavioral Targeting

While it may seem that every ad network and their mother is jumping into behavioral targeting, Google’s taking a different approach. Concerned that behavioral targeting might upset the AdWords cash cow applecart, Susan Wojcicki, Google’s vice president of product management for advertising, explained to Reuters why the company is testing session-based targeting, not profile-based.

Google Backing Off Behavioral Targeting

The search advertising company recently spun a message to reporters about having no interest in deep behavioral targeting. It’s no coincidence they had this relatively unprecedented chat at this point in time.

Tech Tries Targeting Teens Technologically

Marketing discussions and efforts at gaining the attention of the elusive teen market take different forms, in looking at how one Internet titan and one relative newcomer give it a try.

Targeting Passions (Audience Discovery)

I read an interview of Bill Gossman, CEO Revenue Science on Media Post’s Behavioral Insider. Bill talked about the concept of “audience discovery” to find the right audience for an advertiser.

eBayer Auctions Personal Data To Marketers

People sell all kinds of stuff on eBay. The past brings us listings for immortal souls (deleted), Britney Spears hair (mostly deleted), and even cruel Christmas presents (deleted pronto). And now someone is selling his personal data to the highest bidding marketer.

Google, Yahoo, Microsoft & Cookies

Wednesday there was an article on ZDNET blog about how Google/Doublelclick, Yahoo/RightMedia and Microsoft/aQuantive deals are about cookies more than anything else.

A Grim Future for Small Behavioral Targeting Networks

With Google, MSFT and Yahoo buying Doubleclick, Aquantive and RightMedia respectively and more acquisitions coming in the near future, it seems like these giants will own the online advertising space.

Behavioral Targeting Moves by Yahoo & Google

A recent article by Brandweek, talks about how Yahoo is betting big on Behavioral Targeting.

Google Files Patent For Targeting In-Game Ads
· 1

With its purchase of Adscape, Google sent a clear message that it was looking to establish an advertising presence in the worlds of both online and offline gaming. In a patent filing, the company outlines particular strategies that it is seeking to implement to gather specific information on gamers in order to tailor personalized advertising toward them.

Presidential Candidates & Behavioral Targeting

I read an interesting article by Michael D Jensen titled “What do the Presidential Candidates use for Analytics?”

Google Targets TV Commercials

Danny Sullivan informs about a Wall Street Journal article, Google gains on goal of controlling and targeting TV commercials. WSJ reports, “Google Inc. has established a toehold in pursuing of one its next big ambitions: controlling which television ads viewers see and tailoring them to consumers’ interests.” 

The Mountain View, Calif., company honed the highly profitable Internet model of search advertising — that is, selling ads targeted directly at consumers based on the terms they enter into Web search engines. Last year, the eight-year-old company racked up more than $10 billion of revenue by brokering online ads for itself and its partners.

Godin on Contextual Ad Targeting

Seth Godin wonders whether media buyers are right to pull ads off Google’s and Yahoo’s contextual networks because of how loosey-goosey they are with their approach to placement — they match ads to pages, rather than allowing the advertiser "channel control."

While it’s true that Y!&Goog would benefit from better sites joining their networks, I agree with Seth that being so afraid to show your ads on "Joe Schmo’s Sports site" could be doing the client a disservice.

Google Acquiring Video Game Ad Company

Google has agreed to acquire Adscape, a company that puts ads inside of video games, for $23 million. Google had missed out on Massive, a company Microsoft picked up for $200-400 million about a year ago, and is going to have to settle for the much smaller Adscape, which it will have to build into a bigger player. Judging by Google’s great success with dMarc, I’d assume nothing at this point.

SES London: Targeting Local Search

WebProNews guest correspondent Debbie Harrison has provided us with more coverage of the Search Engine Strategies conference in London. Today’s coverage will focus on local search marketing.

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