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Should Congress Regulate Data Brokers And Targeted Ads?

If you listen to the anti-surveillance movement across the U.S., they would have you believe that the NSA is the biggest privacy threat facing Americans today. While many in Congress would agree with that sentiment, one Committee thinks another group poses a much larger threat. On December 18, the Senate Commerce Committee released a new report on data brokers and …

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LinkedIn Targeted Status Updates Go Live

LinkedIn today announced that its Targeted Status Updates are now available for every LinkedIn company page. Targeted Status Updates allow companies to make posts to their LinkedIn pages while ensuring that a specific subset of their LinkedIn followers sees the update. Companies can now send out status updates to followers sorted by company size, industry category, job title (function), seniority, …

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Facebook Privacy Questioned By European Commission – Facebook Reacts

It appears that the European Commission is preparing to crack down on Facebook. According to a report from the Telegraph earlier this week, the EC is planning to introduce a new directive that would actually ban targeted advertising on the site.

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