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Unlocking Sales Among Untapped Prospects

Most companies, including those with sterling marketing reputations, operate without a comprehensive view of their market.

Google Share Target Soars To $600

The sky may be the limit for many, but for Google it looks even higher, as analyst firm Piper Jaffray ups its prediction to $600 per share of GOOG.

Does Target Need a Blog?

Does Target need a blog? The short answer is Yes and No. A Customer Blog is Overkill for Target …

The Best Way To Save Money On Advertising – Target Locally

Over the years I have discovered exactly what derails an ad. More often than not, when an ad fails to produce results, the problem isn’t with the ad. The problem is with WHO the ad reaches.

Antitrust Enforcers Target Realtor Internet Practices

The battle over online access to Multiple Listings Services pits traditional realtors against web-based ones.

Mueller: Our National Infrastructure Is A Soft Target

Speaking at the InfraGard 2005 conference in Washington DC, FBI Director Robert Mueller asked attendees to share information when attackers hit their firms.

Should You Steer Clients Towards Local Search?

When providing SEO/SEM services for clients (or doing it for yourself), do you target, or at least pay attention to the growing number of local search presences? If so, is this something you consider worthwhile and if not, would you ever consider doing so…?

How to Gain your Prospective Clients’ Attention and Generate the Leads You Need to Make Your Business a Success
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If you’ve ever tried to get a child who is engrossed in their favorite video to do another task you know you must first get their attention.

3 Quick & Easy Ways to Identify your Target Market

#1 ~Look at your past customers~ Notice trends in the type of clients you attract and pay particular attention to the ones who provoke you to be our best.

GOOG Price Target Set At $400

Prudential analyst Mark Rowen gave Google’s stock a price target today of $400. If you were wondering why Google’s stock has rebounded …

Almost There. Stay On Target: Comets A Comin

The teams in charge of Deep Impact are preparing for Impact as Tempel-1 and the probe get closer and closer. The comet collision should happen on the July 4th for some spectacular firework.

Narrow Your Market to Hit Your Target

To some online business owners the thought of specializing is terrifying. They think that if they specialize they’ll miss a huge part of their potential market.

10 Essential Criteria For Choosing Your Target Market

A specific group of people you will focus on selling your selling services to is your target market. This is not to be confused with the problem you will be solving for this group.

Target Meets Expectations, Wal-Mart Doesn’t

Wal-Mart predicted that it will miss Wall Street expectations for its current-quarter earnings as a result of a drop in consumer spending. On the other hand, Target’s earnings exceeded Wall Street expectations.

Target Hits The Mark On Earnings

The upscale discount department store business exceeded Wall Street expectations for the first quarter.

Is Your Resume On Target?

When writing a resume, create a mental picture of a desk piled high with dozens or even hundreds of resumes next to each other.

Target Posts a 15% Profit Increase for 1Q

Target Corp.’s profit for the first quarter increased by 15% thanks to a large growth in sales. The company made $494 million, compared to $432 million for the same period last year.

Blog Advice: Target Should Find, Listen, Engage and Empower

Robert Scoble is meeting with the Target Corporation this morning and is asking the blogosphere for advice for the retail giant.

Blogging Advice For Target

When you see a company from the outside you often don’t realize that what you are seeing is the work of people and that those people’s attitudes, perceptions, beliefs, philosophies, lifestyles, behaviors, theories, ideas, are reflected in what you interact with.

iTunes Becomes Tasty Target For Criminals

Widely used digital music subscription software proves irresistible to script kiddies and sophisticated thieves.

The Real Target Of Adobe Macromedia Merger

It’s not who you may think. Consider the combined technologies of the two companies, and you may conclude Microsoft is marked for death.