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Target Apologizes for Thigh Gap Photoshop Error

In the last several months, things have not fared well for Target. In December a huge security breach made many question the company’s competency. Now customers are outraged by a new scandal; once again the Target Corporation must apologize to the public. On Monday night, several bloggers noticed an error with some of the pictures on Target’s website. These photos …

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Target Tech Chief Resigns Following Massive Data Breach

The chief information officer (CIO) of Target Corporation has turned in her resignation following months of a devastating data breach. Since 2008, Beth Jacob served as executive vice president of technology services and chief information officer of the retail company. She first started out as an assistant buyer at a store division in 1984. Then, in 2002 she became the director of …

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Target Corp Says PIN Numbers Have Been Stolen

It’s been a bad end of the year for Target Corp. and it seems that things just got worse. Yesterday the company announced that credit and debit card PIN numbers were stolen from customers, along with the actual account information that was breached earlier this month. However, store officials say they’re relying on Triple DES encryption backup and feel confident …

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IPhone 5C Discount May Help Target’s Sales

IPhones, or any Apple related product, usually causes buyer fever, especially around the holiday season. Many people have some form of Apple product on their Christmas wish list. Teens and early 20-somethings are especially likely to have the IPhone 5C or the IPhone 5S on the Christmas list they give to their parents or favorite aunts and uncles. Therefore, Iphone …

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Free Credit Report From Target: How Do You Get One?

After Target’s major data breach, this holiday season has filled many of their customers with worry and fear.In turn,this causes major problems for Target Corp,especially in the form of lawsuits and steadily losing customers.Target now is trying to make amends for this huge error by offering a 10% discount for all purchases over the previous weekend.It is also offering free credit …

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Target Corporation Offers Discounts During Investigation

Earlier this week, the well-known superstore Target announced that it has encountered a security breach with their credit card system from Black Friday. This incident caused a panic and stir with many of the store’s loyal customers, and now, the store plans to relieve any tensions customers may have with the store by providing them with a discount. According to …

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