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Keywords: What’s Cheap and What’s Discounted
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A few weeks ago we were intrigued by a selection of what Hitwise’s Sandra Hanchard called "search value determinants," or word pairings used in search with regard to modifiers like "price" and "cheap," et cetera.

SES: Cruising The Search Landscape

Session talkers at SES San Jose 2007 bounded around the topic of the search landscape: what’s popular, and who’s the most used among the major players in search.

UK “How To” Searches Focus On CVs

We used to keep a pretty close eye on Google’s Zeitgeist; somehow, Hot Trends just isn’t the same. 

But Hitwise UK’s Heather Hopkins has constructed a Zeitgeist-like list of “how to” searches, and this is definitely worth checking out.

Searchers Want The Xbox 360, Preferably Cheap
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Queries for Microsoft’s gaming console have exceeded those for Nintendo’s hard to find competitor, the Wii.

Search News Flash: People Like Free

Close to four percent of all search queries last week contained the word "free." Is this an indicator of a plummeting economy? Hitwise’s Bill Tancer says it’s just how people work.

Universal Search Not Universally Good For Google
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To some people, the launch of Google Universal Search meant nothing – it’s a good bet that the release went unnoticed by many.  Yet to others, it was a big deal, and bits and pieces of Google itself seem to have been affected in major, traffic-related ways.

Google Vs. Google, According To Hitwise

Hitwise’s Bill Tancer conducted a detailed analysis of “Google properties and how they rank amongst themselves in market share of visits,” and while the results aren’t necessarily shocking, they are interesting. Google’s main search engine is the far-and-away leader of the pack, with a 78.42% share.

Google Has Long Road To Hoe To Pass Yahoo

As GOOG climbs above $500 per share, as predicted to happen about this time last year before the great January plunge, questions as to just how high Google can get, in terms of stock, search share, and visits, get more intense. Last week, a Citigroup analyst predicted Google would overtake Yahoo in visits by the end of 2007. Hitwise disagrees.

Google Video Link Swap Spikes Video Traffic

If you follow this industry long enough, you know the slightest alteration of any Google offering, from holiday logos to something between Sergey’s teeth, gets extensive coverage in the blogosphere. Google swapping out the Froogle link on its homepage for Video was another snoozer.