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Office 12, Vista, Leadoff Gates Keynote Talk

Microsoft’s Professional Developers Conference formally opened in Los Angeles Tuesday morning.

iPod Nano… Hot Cakes

Now this is sexy! Today Apple announced the iPod nano, a very elegant, slim digital player that supersedes the iPod Mini (which is no longer listed on Apple’s website but is there if you know the URL).

Google Talk Goes Mobile
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A Boston company has announced a mobile IM solution for Google Talk, Google’s recently released IM and voice chat client.

GoogleTalk Update
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Google’s barebones IM service has received a minor release update, taking it from to

MSN Purchases VoIP Capabilities

There are a number of ways to inform the public of your business. Two of the more popular ways being used by Internet-related companies deals with either a large online and offline marketing campaign, which is usually astronomically expensive. The second, and seemingly more preferred method uses more of a viral approach.

Geez, the Search Guys Really Don’t Talk to the Ad Guys, Do They?

Anyone in the SEO game is by now reading Matt Cutts’ blog, and well they should. The “real insider Googleplex scoop” is so often what emanates from Matt – and for those of us who don’t get to “that part” of the conferences, it’s really illuminating reading.

Hot Recording Google Talk
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I installed Hot Recorder on my new Dell PC today, which I use for recording occasional Skype conversations for the For Immediate Release podcast.

Advertisers Ready For Google Talk Ads

The AdSense and AdWords programs will have even greater interest once Google starts placing ads in its Talk client.

Google Talk Is Impressive

After downloading the application and installing it (for Windows only at the moment), I chatted with Fredrik in Sweden.

Dialing Up Gmail To Get Google Talk

It’s now possible to sign up for a Gmail account without needing to receive an invite from an existing Gmail user first.

Google Talk Taking Page From Microsoft Playbook

After having watched Microsoft enter new markets with bland first release products, it’s odd to see Google do the same thing.

Skype Takes Note Of Google Talk

After Google made its IM and voice application available, Skype announced it would let its products be integrated into software apps and web sites.

Google Talk Is Live
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Ladies and gentlemen, check out Google Talk, instant messaging done by Google, and done right with an open protocol. Sign in with your Gmail account. Installing

Landing Pages Make Or Break Sites

Mike McDonald of WebProNews is at SES 2005 in San Jose, and took in an afternoon session on landing pages.

Search Engine Talk Goes Podcasting

And broadcasting as well, as Danny Sullivan and Gary Price of SearchEngineWatch.com recently debuted “The Daily SearchCast.”

Congress Hangs Up In-Flight Cellphone Talk

The House Aviation Subcommittee does not hold the same enthusiasm about in-flight cell talk as the wireless companies do.

Is Microsoft All Talk On HD DVDs?

Though Microsoft says it’s not taking sides in the impending DVD format war, the announcement that the software giant is joining up with Toshiba to develop high-definition DVD players using a special version of Windows seems contrary to that claim.

Toshiba President Says Let’s Talk About DVDs

The new president and CEO of Toshiba wants to sit back down with Sony and talk about HD-DVD and Blu-ray.

Can Ketchum Walk the New Media Talk?

I was reading the press release issued yesterday by Ketchum Public Relations announcing their new service offering called Ketchum Personalized Media: “a global service that advises organizations to know how, why and when to integrate the growing roster of online and wireless media – from blogs and podcasts to mobile marketing – into their overall communications strategy,” according to the announcement.

Sun And Microsoft Talk Software

The CEOs of the respective companies, which have had differences in the past, discussed a new joint project.

Blog Talk: Conversation Does NOT Need Comments

I see blogs as tools for conversation and personality in enterprise communications. On an abstract level of discussion most bloggers probably agree…