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Sony mylo To Feature Google Talk

Sony has announced its upcoming wifi communicator, the mylo, will feature Google Talk.

Astroturfing: Time to walk the talk

Last month’s anti-astroturfing initiative by Australian PR bloggers Trevor Cook and Paull Young got off to a good start with plenty of commentary in support of the idea.

The Wikiwyg Project

Given the mention of the Wikiwyg project by Jimmy in his talk, I posted my own mention at Socialtext.com.

Google Talk Has Voicemail Now

The Google Talk team added some new features to the chat service, including the ability to leave a voicemail for someone, even if that person does not use Google Talk.

No Ruling Yet On Google Plane Talk

A judge in Santa Clara County Superior Court has decided to postpone ruling on a request from lawyers for Google co-founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page to muzzle their former aircraft designer from discussing the massive Boeing 767 being retrofitted for their use.

Rumors Bubble On Microsoft, eBay Talk

Sources say that unnamed people at the two tech companies have reportedly been discussing a potential merger. Allegedly.

Pundits Talk, People Listen

When the hockey season began this year – after the lockout – the new salary cap shook up a lot of teams.

GData, MySQL, and the Future of on-line Databases

In reading Richard MacManus’ Why Google is extending RSS, I couldn’t help feeling that he was missing the point a bit.

Google Talk Themes

Ever since the new avatar/themed version of Google Talk came out, people have been creating themes for it, many of them pretty cool. Lets try to run them down.

Google Talk Smilies Roundup

If you’re running the latest “leaked” version of Google Talk, the one with chat avatars, then Customize Talk has a full list of the new features, including all the smilies/emoticons in this version.

A Little Bit of a Dustup About our Amazon Talk

I see Rick Segal picking on Amazon’s CTO after reading a bunch of blogs this morning about our Amazon talk (and the ensuing controversy about whether or not we answered questions very well or not).

New Version Of Google Talk Leaked

Philipp has a nice scoop: Google has quietly put a new version of Google Talk up for download, with no public announcement.

Ether You Pay, Or You Dont Talk To Me

Let’s pretend we’re professionals here, people, and not say the first thing that comes to our minds. Ether, a new division of Ingenio, has set up a web service that lets you charge other people to talk to you on the phone. Don’t say it

Google Talk For BlackBerry Released

Google has released its previously announced BlackBerry client. The free 200k download will let BlackBerry users communicate on the Google Talk and Jabber networks, and (presumably) eventually AOL Instant Messenger.

Google Talk Released For BlackBerry

Great, just months after I switched from a Blackberry to a Treo (hoping to have access to a wider range of apps), Google goes and announces Google Talk for Blackberry.

Wal-Mart, Edelman, Listen & Talk

The NYT takes a *very* interesting look at how Edelman is increasingly engaging bloggers on behalf of Wal-Mart:

Google Merges Gmail with Talk

Cnet reports that Google is merging its Google Talk with Gmail to form Gmail Chat.

Google Beefing-up Google Talk with VoIP Deal?

Mark Evans has news of a deal between Google and VoIP Inc, which will provide Google with internet telephony services.

VoIP Inc. Quiet On Google Talk

The VoiceOne Communications unit of VoIP Inc. signed a pact with Google in September 2005, and Google began implementing services from the company the following month.

Going for that 25 Percent

There’s been a lot of talk about the 25 percent.

I Ain’t Sayin’ She a Talk Digger

Jeremiah Owyang shared a neat tool with the Frost conference attendees, Talk Digger.