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Google Cracking Under Pressure from Viacom?

It’s interesting to follow the Viacom lawsuit against Google. While Google’s faced many legal challenges before, it appears Viacom’s is the one that is troubling the search engine. It’s somewhat out of character to see Google CEO Eric Schmidt talk ugly about a company that is suing them – Google tends to comment via legal counsel – and it suggests the suit is a worry to him.

Getting Strangers to Talk About YOU, Godin’s Way

Are you trying to get some attention? Not a simple task these days…

Some of the world’s smartest people keep their secrets tight to their chest.

Not Seth Godin. Seth is full of marketing genius and you can learn a bunch by watching him.

One of his new ventures is called Squidoo.

Google Has (More) Secret Public Meetings

Google has historically been pretty secretive about what the company is working on – that’s typical in the corporate world as it keeps competitors in the dark. But more interesting than that are Google’s Not-So-Secret-Secret-Meetings with hundreds of attendees agreeing not say anything about what they heard.

Going to Kyte.tv

So, the Facebook app shipped today is Kyte.tv and I’ll be over there with Channel 4 KRON today at 2 p.m.

EBay Sellers Get Some Help, Online and Off
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The eBay Developers Conference in Boston offers up some juicy tidbits for online retailers, from forthcoming third-party applications and research tools to ways to hire certified developers to create widgets for your website.

StumbleUpon Launches StumbleThru

  Popular web site discover service, StumbleUpon, is not letting acquisition talk distract it from launching new features for its users. Today’s launch of StumbleThru will allow users to explore personalized recommendations from sites such as Flickr, Wikipedia, MySpace and YouTube.

Video May Come To Google Talk
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Google’s acquisition of Swedish-based Marratech, a video conferencing software company, should lead into Google Talk becoming more competitive with eBay’s Skype and other services.

Ask Found Jesus, But Doesn’t Want To Talk About It

If Ask.com hasn’t gotten much attention because of their search engine lately, they’re at least raising eyebrows through new (and kind of cerebral) ad campaigns. An algorithm that "constantly finds Jesus" but can’t really find itself is beside the point – it’s all about engaging the public and rousing curiosity, says Ask’s VP of marketing.

There have been billboard sightings in New York, LA, and San Francisco – weird billboards with weird sentences and no explanation.
Sentences like:

Web 2.0 Expo: The Social Media Revolution

web 2.0 EXPO: The Social Media Revolution | mad dog in the fog – Yesterday, Robert Scoble, Chris Pirillo, Jeremiah Owyang and myself participated in a panel on The Social Media Revolution at O’Reilly’s Web 2.0 Expo.

Google on Server Maintenance

Bill Koslosky on his blog reports on a Google talk on the subject of server maintenance*, given by Google’s Luiz Barroso (pictured):

Google Talk Pops Out New Features

Google has updated their Google Talk Gadget with some new features. In Google Talk, blog post software engineer Scott Ludwig details the latest updates.

 In order to make Google Talk more accessible they have added a pop- out feature for the Google Talk Gadget that will appear in a separate window. If you are on your Google Personalized Homepage, there is a link inside the gadget that lets users pop it out.

Talk is Cheap

On the subject of the recently announced YouTube competitor (which is clearly vaporware at this point), Chris DiBona pens this excellent rant.

Don’t Talk About Design Over Email
I’ve just been watching an interview conducted by Merlin Mann of 43Folders fame with Jeffery Veen, previously of Adaptive Path, now with google, and one statement in the interview really rang true with me and that was:

The Google Talk Team Talks

In a recent email interview the Google Talk team revealed to WebProNews their future plans for Google Talk and the Google Talk Gadget.

Google Talk Gadget Comes to Town

There’s a new (and official) personalized homepage gadget in town: Google Talk. It’s quite nice, and after a quick trial I have to say I prefer this to both desktop Google Talk, as well as Gmail’s Google Chat alternative.

New Google Talk Gadget Goes Live
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In a departure from the negative publicity surrounding the company this week, Google announced the launch of its instant messaging gadget today. The Google Talk gadget can be embedded in a user’s personalized Google homepage or on any other webpage or blog simply by adding a line of code.

Someone’s Using My Brands!

I just tried to sign up with Google Talk in order to chat with Aaron Wall via IM.

A username is required, so my first attempt was for iBrian. Sorry, not available.

Okay, no big deal. It was popular enough to see the .com registered.

So I tried platinax. Sorry, not available. Huh? Platinax is my own unique company name. How can it not be available?

Google Stuff Doing Stuff w/ Other Stuff & Other Stuff

What? I had more than one story about integrations and such, and that was easily the worst title I could think of. Who would have thought there was a way to include “stuff” in a title four times, and have it vaguely make sense?

News Flash: Google’s Not Doing Anything

Oh how lost we are when there’s little or no Google news! Mondays are bad anyway, but this is just silly: Google headlines centering on Google not buying anybody, how things are staying the same at the Googleplex and about how Eric Schmidt said Apple and Google were working together on some things he won’t talk about.

Let’s review: nothing; nothing; and nondescript something. That’s the Google news today.

The Wikipedia Admin Brouhaha

Hardly a month goes by without some new dustup involving Wikipedia — either because someone edited their own entry, or because someone bitched about not being able to edit their own entry, or because someone paid someone else to edit an entry.

Good Adobe Engage Posts

John Dowdell is keeping a list of links of people who say something interesting about the Adobe Engage event I’m at.

Good posts so far?

Tim O’Reilly on creating engaged users.

David Berlind of ZDNet on Microsoft vs. Adobe and Adobe’s timeline.

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