GotCast CEO on the Intersection of Technology and Hollywood

GotCast CEO on the Intersection of Technology and Hollywood

By Abby Johnson January 22, 2012 | 1 Comment

With celebrities quickly taking to Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, it’s clear that the entertainment industry is embracing technology and the digital space. What’s interesting is that some people in Hollywood are finding that they prefer the freedom technology and the Internet provide, as actor Kevin Pollak explained to us in this interview:

Marketing Minds Think It’s Great To Integrate
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Call it the Minority Report effect on the advertising world, as the Association of Network Advertisers (ANA) has seized upon "Integrated Marketing Communications" as the top concern of some of the most senior marketing executives working today.

Yahoo! Talent Show Crowns Winner

Yahoo! announced the winner of their first-ever Talent Show contest last week: comedic music video maker Rex Hermogino.

Why Getting Great “A” Talent is Hard

All companies really want to hire the best and brightest; the best ones that they can find that meet the criteria of the job, would seem to fit into the organization, and has the ability to actually do the job.

Yahoo!’s Talent Show

Search engine giant Yahoo! expands its horizon with an online video contest to find the next great internet star.

Yahoo Seeking Stars For ‘Talent Show’

Online celebrity could be a digital video away for some lucky people who enter Yahoo’s Talent Show contest, as the company turns to user-generated content again to reinforce its brand.

Bloggers Need Talent Agencies

Shel Holtz brings us a ditty about an HR blogger named Cheesman who auctioned himself on eBay and snagged $7,000 to promote a company at the upcoming Society of Human Resources Management conference.

UK is a hotbed of Hidden Talent for Entrepreneurial Ideas

People across the UK want to throw off the shackles and start putting money into their own pocket rather than their employers.

Assess Your Organization’s Talent Management 10 Critical Questions
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What makes your organization tick? What will make it standout in the sea of similar organizations and stand the test of time, over the years?

Cisco Rounding Up Digital Talent

A $250,000 promotion conducted by networking giant Cisco and Viacom’s mtvU college network will support a “Digital Incubator” for broadband content.

Google Headhunting SEM Talent

If Martha Stewart’s low-rated Apprentice show gets axed early, perhaps SEO marketer David Karandish can wrangle an interview with Google.

Google Claims Lee Case Hurts Talent Recruiting

The search engine’s China operations could be impacted for over a year unless the court tosses out Dr. Kai-Fu Lee’s noncompete agreement.

Become’s Got Talent

I was really surprised when Michael told about a couple new hires they’ve recently brought aboard.

NYTimes.com Seeks Fresh Talent as it Preps for Redesign

The New York Times today put out an internal call via email to the newsroom staff in search of an experienced editor …

Are Hotmail and Yahoo! Blocking Gmail Invites?
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Joel Johnson created a buzz by reporting that some Gmail invites and emails aren’t getting through to Hotmail users. Several reports also claim the emails aren’t getting through Yahoo! Mail filters.

Maximizing Your IT Talent


With our now streamlined workforce, we are over-allocating reduced staff with tasks they are either not trained for or not interested in, resulting in both reduced efficiency of business and loss of focus on our primary goal – Customer Satisfaction and Retention.

Hypothesis #1
There is a calculable (lost) opportunity cost that each employee has which results in a dollar value per hour for obtaining new business. amount of revenue / (number of hours spent * loaded cost.)

Leveraging Talent

In today’s increasingly complex business world, companies are seeking ways to make sure they have the talent they will need to compete now and in the future. Securing and retaining the right skills and competencies is fundamental to the growth and vitality of any organization.