TailRank Articles

Interviewing TailRanks Founder

Speaking of all this TechMeme horsey business today I’m taking my camcorder over to chat with Kevin Burton, founder of TechMeme competitor TailRank.

TailRank, DiggTech, TechMeme and Google Reader

Kevin Burton released a new TailRank. Last week I asked the audience at ConvergeSouth how many people even knew about TechMeme. Very few hands went up.

Aggregated Diminishing Returns and a Feed Diet

It’s easy to get sucked into things. You can sit down with a good book for a few minutes and before you know it, several hours and a few hundred pages have gone by.

Steve Rubel is Testing Memetrackers

And he’s found that TailRank is sending him more links than Memeorandum is (although Memeorandum is sending more traffic).

Breememe, aka Battle of the Memetrackers

OK, I am totally hooked on two memetrackers, memeorandum and TailRank. I can’t decide which one is better.

Hey TailRank! Flickr just called…

And they want their error message back!

Megite Working on Personal Memetracker

The folks over at Megite (who are doing a memetracker along the lines of Memeorandum, or TailRank) are working on a personizable memetracker.

Why Dont You Use a Memetracker?

Over the last few months I’ve been asking people I meet who read my blog (or who say they do, at least) about whether or not they read Memorandum (or the competitors like TailRank, Blogniscient, Digg, Megite, or Chuquet).

Digg Founder Dismisses Yahoo Rumors

If Kevin Ross is to be believed, there is no more chance Yahoo will buy the popular user-generated news site Digg than it will Opera Software for its browser.