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Dumbfind Starts Free Tagvertising Trial

Dumbind.com, the self-described “searchiest search engine on the Web,” announced the start of a free trial for advertisers with their Adsonomy “tagvertising” concept. Interested advertisers can select a list of tags for contextual advertising alongside search results.

Dumbfind Adds Tags And Free Tagvertising

Search engine Dumbfind.com, which already gained some notoriety last year for an elegant two-box query+category approach, has now added contextual tags to the left of search results to suggest a host of additional search options. But of more interest to the search marketer, Dumbfind CEO Chris Seline told WebProNews those tags will be up for advertising grabs in just a few short weeks-for free.

Yahoo Has a Big Future in Tagvertising

Two new sites have opened up in an effort to court advertisers to sponsor tags (the latter is down as of this writing).

Google Search History Foreshadows Google Tags
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Google today launched a new opt-in feature called My Search History that aggregates all of your personal web searches into a searchable date-stamped blog-like archive.

Is Tagvertising Toast?

Kevin Ryan says tagvertising is bunk… “But to my mind tagvertising has about as much chance of providing value to the searching public or advertisers as I do of becoming the next Pope”.

Targeting Through Tagvertising

Editor’s Note: In today’s issue, Steve takes a look at a new phenomenon in advertising called “tagvertising”. For example, many web users employ this form of bookmarking to keep track of items of interest, essentially, tags become online bookmarks.

Tagvertising = Blogging 2.0?
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The following is also my April column for iMedia Connection… Tagvertising = Blogging 2.0… Already? As you read this, millions of individuals are working under their own volition to create a new Dewey Decimal System for the internet.