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SEO Corner – Search Engines and Font Tags

Question: Since Netscape handles the spacing around heading tags (<H1>,<H2>, etc.) differently from IE, I have been forced to use large font tags (<font size=”6″>) and bold them, so I can keep the spacing consistent, cross-browser.

Extending ColdFusion Studio

We all know and dearly love ColdFusion Studio (and its little brother HomeSite). We all have favorite features, we all have our own little tips, tricks, and settings, and we all find ways to make it work as suits as best.

Search Engine Basics: The Meta Tag

Now, I know what you are thinking; “surely we don’t need to worry about Meta tags, as most search engines ignore them” and for the most part you would be right. The importance of Meta tags has diminished so considerably over the past couple of years, that I fully expect this to be the last article that I will write discussing their optimization. That’s not to say that they are already a dead issue, but in the next 6-12 months their importance will be virtually extinguished.

Proper Use Of Meta tags For A High Google Ranking

Google is currently the web’s most popular search engine. Getting a high Google ranking is a must if you want your website to succeed! In addition to being the most used search engine in its own right, Google also provides the search results for other mega-sites, including America Online. By following a few simple guidelines, you can watch your site climb up the Google ladder and your traffic will climb right along with it. This article will show you how to make effective use of meta tags to help your website climb that ladder!

SEO Corner – Writing Title Tags For The Home Page

Question: We are just about to launch www.foodlubricants.co.uk (or www.food-lubricants.co.uk ?) and I am wondering how to do the title tag for the home page.
Shall I put John Sheard Ltd | Food Grade Lubricants as that would be our company name and what we are selling?

Shari Thurow Answers SEO Questions
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Ask Shari anything about search engines and see your answer published in DevWebPro’s weekly SEO Corner column.

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Using Meta Tags Wisely

There are certain tricks and techniques in SEO industry, which can fetch you real quick and top ranking in short run and get banned for ever, which I am discussing in this article. Before optimizing any site, always follow code of ethics and never spam.

The Only HTML Writers Need to Know

You’re a writer, not a webmaster. But if you are writing for publication on a Web site, your editor may ask you to provide the basic HTML formatting for your work. Don’t panic.

Are Meta Tags Dead?

Meta Tags have been attributed everything from magical ranking powers to a total waste of time, but the reality is somewhere in between. Properly used meta tags can target better positions for your site in the search engines, and help you create more focused web site pages that obtain traffic from tighter, specialized niches.

Search Engine Marketing 101: What Search Engines See When They Visit Your Web Site
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If you have a Web site, have you ever wondered what a search engine sees when it visits your site to add the site to its index? Do you know that it doesn’t see the beautiful graphics or the fancy Web design? Do you know that it only sees the source code, or the “skeleton” of your Web site?

Custom Smart Tags In IE

You may have noticed that several keywords on the EggHeadCafe website get converted to links (like XML for example) after the initial page loads. We refer to these as custom Smart Tags. Of course, we really don’t use Microsoft’s Smart Tag technology. We utilize JavaScript and IE behaviors to dynamically convert the keywords to links. One of the major challenges we faced with creating this process was not disturbing existing form elements and links. No small task…

Hiding Your Meta Tags

Serious web sites spend a lot of money and effort getting premium placement in the search engines. One of the most popular ways that search engines index your site is to look for META tags in the of your page, as shown below:

Steps To Optimizing Your HTML Codes

Your key to success in online marketing and promotion is your web site. >From your title, keywords, meta tags, and text, to your over all site design, each plays a very important role when optimizing your site. If your site doesn’t rank in the top 10 or 20 when doing a keyword search at the top search engines, your target audience won’t be able to find you.

Gaining Rankings within AltaVista

If you have information inside frames, you probably face a challenge gaining rankings in AltaVista, but it is not an absolute barrier. AltaVista indexes the outside of the frame as a distinct page. It will also index each pane of the frame window as a separate page. That means that if the content matching a query is in a pane, then visitors clicking on those links will see only the pane, not the full page as it was originally designed. So if you want visitors from AltaVista to experience your pages in a certain way, you should have non-frames as well as frames versions of those pages, and submit the non-frames versions.

Creating the XML Document

This tutorial is divided into two parts. We will explain how to create an XML document and how to assign data types to the values in the XML document. All of the examples in this tutorial are designed to be viewed with either Internet Explorer 5.0 or 5.5.

Wireless Markup Language 101

If you missed the previous article that led to this one, you can find it here: http://www.devwebpro.com/2001/0720.html

Below are some of the mechanics of the language:

Use keywords and meta tags to get the click!

Now everyone knows that you need to choose keywords and meta tags to make your site search-engine-friendly (don’t they?). And pages should be ‘optimised’ BEFORE you submit them to the search engines.