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Should Meta Tags Be Used With Search Engine Optimization?

I deal with many questions from curious website owners everyday. One question I have a new answer for is, “Should I use META tags on my site when do search engine optimization?”

Keyword Tags Not Just Dead But Risky

Not to beat a dead horse or anything, as this horse seems to have been killed years ago, but the meta keyword tag debate still snorts and flaps its tail from time to time, meaning we’ll need to whap it at least once more.

How to Find a Blogger’s Beat

Technorati has started an effort to catalogue bloggers by topic. This is welcome, but Technorati’s solution so far is not really working that well.

Technorati Places Blog Finder Beta Online

A new version of the blog tracking site’s search engine lets users sift through millions of blogs based on topic tags.

Tags & Folksonomy: Latest Internet Trend
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There is a new branch of the Web growing like a well organized storm cloud. This recent trend on the Web can be used to strengthen your presence with major search engines and reach an active audience that is highly interested in your content.

MSN Search Tags User Requests

In order to deliver a more robust search service, MSN is paying attention to the numerous user requests it receives. In order to categorize this bulk of user feedback, MSN Search is employing tagging.

Making the most of ecto

At first sight, ecto seems to be a simple desktop client that allows you to author content for your blog. There are a couple of advantages desktop blog tools offer over control panels…

How to Write and Use Description Tags on Your Web Pages

Many people are afraid to write the meta tags for their websites, thinking that they would have to be search engine optimization specialists in order to do it properly.

Les Blogs Afternoon

This afternoon at Les Blogs has had many of the characteristics you see in almost any kind of conference. You know, it’s after lunch, after the time you’ve spent meeting new people, seeing people you already know, chatting, etc.

Hanging Out In Paris

What a great day so far. Arrived in Paris mid afternoon, met up with David Tebbutt and off to our hotels.

Les Blogs In Paris: Conference About Social Networks, Blogging, Nanopublishing

Just about to unplug the PC from the net so I can get going. Off to Paris on the Thalys where I’ll be participating …

Google Search History Foreshadows Google Tags
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Google today launched a new opt-in feature called My Search History that aggregates all of your personal web searches into a searchable date-stamped blog-like archive.

Danny Sullivan Throws Water on Tagging

Search guru Danny Sullivan is dubious that tagging will be the great savior for search.

Blogging By The Millions In China

I’m talking with Kevin Wen and Liang Lu. He runs BlogChina.com. He says that almost a million Chinese are blogging there.

Walt Mossberg Comes Out Against Google Autolink

Walt Mossberg weighs in on Google Autolink in tomorrow’s paper (WSJ.com subscription required). Basically his stance is consistent …

Open Source Ad Tags – What dat den?

Back in the summer of 2004 John Battelle was talking about sell side advertising in a post inspired by Ross Mayfield’s …

Yahoo’s Tim Mayer Proposes More Tags

The Index Summit session had a heavy focus on the new “nofollow” tag that allows a site owner to tell the search engines that a particular link …

Google Gets Away With What Microsoft Couldn’t

Google today launched a new version of its toolbar that employs a new feature called Autolink that turns non-linked content on Web sites into hotlinks back to Google properties and other sites.

Should Bloggers be Helping Google Fix Their PageRank System?

By now, most bloggers have heard the announcement that the Big 3 search engines – Google, Yahoo, and MSN – have united in support of a new tag that will supposedly combat comment spam.

How the New Technorati Tags Work

One thing I’ve had some difficulty in fully understanding is how the new Technorati tags work. For instance, I’d regard this post as to do with weblogs.

As Sites Add Tags, Tagtextual Advertising Will Follow
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Here’s new evidence that 2005 will be the year of folksonomies – commonly known as tags.