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Picasa Web Adds Search and Tags

Google’s “Flickr”, Picasa Web Albums, added the ability to add tags, and also, to search your photos (and it seems only yours, or those albums you added to your favorites, which kinda sucks – my favorite Flickr feature is still their Creative Commons search).

ASP.NET: Remove HTML Tags From a String
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A lot of websites allow users to input text and submit it to the site.

Convert HTML Tags to Lower-case for XHTML Compliance
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The XHTML definition demands all tags to be lower-cased.

Cleaning up Your Inputs in PHP

Cleaning up your inputs from $_POST, $GET and $_REQUEST is an important task if you’re looking at security of your PHP applications.

Yahoo Tags MyWeb With New Features
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Social bookmarking has been the focus of the latest updates to Yahoo’s MyWeb service; also, the site shows off a new design look for its users.

Scandoo Tags Unsafe Search Results

ScanSafe’s Scandoo site allows visitors to perform queries on two major search engines and see if links returned on the search results are safe, questionable, or unsafe.

Del.icio.us Mobile
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Here’s a great tip I picked up from BlackBerry Hacks, a book by Dave Mabe.

Enterprise 2.0

Harvard Professor Andrew McAfee:

Search the Tags with Keotag

Keotag is one of those simple “why didn’t I think of that” applications.

BOTW Does Blog Search

Yesterday at the New York Search Engine Strategies conference I ran into Brian Prince, CEO of Best of the Web (BOTW.org), who clearly have plenty of fans as evident from all the black, long sleeve t-shirts worn by conference attendees. In fact, they ran out the first day of the conference and had to get more.

Technorati Adds List of Most Favorited Blogs

Technorati has launched a new Top 100 list.

Google Video Charging Admission For TV Ads

To heap on one more thing to screw with your head this Friday, Google is selling vintage commercials through its Google Video search. You heard right, if you want to view the commercial, you’ll have to pay a dollar. Anybody else hear Gabriel’s trumpet?

Dumbfind Adds Tags And Free Tagvertising

Search engine Dumbfind.com, which already gained some notoriety last year for an elegant two-box query+category approach, has now added contextual tags to the left of search results to suggest a host of additional search options. But of more interest to the search marketer, Dumbfind CEO Chris Seline told WebProNews those tags will be up for advertising grabs in just a few short weeks-for free.

Title Tags: SEO by any other name
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Title tags are SEO through name calling.

A One Stop Shop for Tags

Three easy steps for generating blog tag codes…

MoWH.com Launches HTML Tags for $100

Mosaics of Web History (MoWH), located at http://www.mowh.com, officially opened for business today.

Wink Offers Search Engine for Tags

SiliconBeat points to Wink, a new search engine that allows you to search for “tagged” content.

Using Tags To Advertise

Someone has taken Steve Rubel up on his tagtextual advertising idea and built a proof-of-concept site to demonstrate how it could work.

Amazon Adds Tags To Product Pages

Users browsing Amazon’s web site can add their tags to items, making them easier to remember and find when shopping later.

Ten Technorati Hacks

If there’s any one site I use more than others (with the exception of Gmail), it’s Technorati. This site is a fantastic window into the psyche of the more digitally inclined. Here, in another in my series of hack postings, are 10 ways I get more mileage from T’rati.

The Missing Piece in the RSS Puzzle

Lately I have been thinking a lot about the future of RSS. There’s certainly a lot right with it, but something very big is missing – RSS expression – and this spells opportunity.