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Technorati Tagging Turns 2

Technorati announced tagging just two years ago! I found it hard to believe that tagging is only two years old. But on the web, I guess two is much longer than I think.

Third-Party Tagging: Next Stop, Google Groups?

I wrote earlier about Google’s effort to enlist users to tag images, in part through a competitive game that offers an incentive system.

PreFound Sets Tagging To Automatic

Collaborative vocabulary, or collabulary, could make online content into a much more accessible repository by virtue of standardizing how content is tagged by its users.

Weinberger Philosophizes On Tagging

His book on tagging, “Everything Is Miscellaneous,” won’t be available until next year, but David Weinberger’s thoughts on tags, those little scraps of metadata, were heard at a session of today’s Syndicate Conference.

Sifry Speaks On Languages And Tagging

In part two of Technorati founder David Sifry’s State of the Blogosphere notes, we find the blog search engine tracks a couple million more blogs than it did two weeks ago.

SES NY: Communities, Wikipedia & Tagging

Social community websites, user-edited encyclopedias, and content classification by taggingall of these can be utilized by the savvy search marketer to garner traffic for a website.

Edgeio Brings Tagging to Classified Ads

Rob Hof succinctly describes a new service priming for launch called Edgeio.

Wink’s Michael Tanne On the Future of Tagging

One of the most successful concepts of 2005 was most certainly “tagging“.

Tagging Comes Out Of The Shadows

The CEO of Pluck discussed how the newest service, social tagging site Shadows, presents a good experience for its users.

Community Marketing Gets The Buzz

When it comes to technology and the Internet, buzzwords fly faster than a swarm of bees around a field of flowers; but when it comes to community, publishers need to listen to what it can offer them.

SES Chicago Day 2 Wrap Up

This is the first SES conference I’ve been to where there were no large scale events sponsored by any of the major search engines.

Topix Tagging 15,000 Blogs

Search results on Topix now include blog results, and the site said blog posts should show up in the index and on the site within 3 minutes of being crawled.

Google Adds Tagging

Google has silently added a Bookmarks feature to My Search History, enabling you to quickly tag and comment any web page you’ve visited.

Tagging Delicious To Marketers

In the world of entertainment, the use of tags in blog entries about bands lets their marketers hear the buzz.

Technorati: The State of Tagging

According to Technorati, more than 25 million blog posts have been tagged over the last six months.

Tags & Folksonomy: Latest Internet Trend
· 1

There is a new branch of the Web growing like a well organized storm cloud. This recent trend on the Web can be used to strengthen your presence with major search engines and reach an active audience that is highly interested in your content.

My Jeeves 1.2: Tagging And Bagging

Asked Jeeves announced the newest version of bottled their newest version of My Jeeves with a couple of new features (sort of) packing into the vial of Jeeves juice.

Tagging Pits Atari Against NYC Councilman

Atari plans to release Marc Ecko’s Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure video game in the fall; Peter Vallone says the game will glorify graffiti.

Microsoft, BT Go Item-Level With RFID Tagging

The software company and the telecom firm will be working together to provided radio frequency ID as a managed service to the retail sector.

Dear Google: A Blogger Wish List

Dear Blogger, I have tried to find ways to switch from Blogger to another publishing system, but there are problems I’d like to avoid.

Tagging Data Will Help Future Searches

Few people take the time to organize data like digital photos, and several companies want to help them find a vacation photo years after taking it.