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Where You Put Your CFERROR Tag Matters
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Chalk this up to the “I can’t believe you never saw this before” file.

SES: Your Video Wants A Meta Tag
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During an early session at SES Chicago 2006, the speakers on the topic of video optimization all made a similar suggestion – keep that meta data identifiable so your video will be too. Chris Richardson of WebProNews was on hand to pick up the details.

Google Recommends Using Meta Description Tag

Whether Google uses meta keywords tag or not, has always been a confusion. However, Google’s Vanessa Fox recommends using meta description tag for each page

Cool WordPress.com Feature

I just learned about this recently. Did you know you can go to:

Intel’s “Living Without Boundaries” Stunt Catches Fire

Last week I posted about the Intel Second Life campaign that were working on with Millions of Us.

Third-Party Tagging: Next Stop, Google Groups?

I wrote earlier about Google’s effort to enlist users to tag images, in part through a competitive game that offers an incentive system.

Google’s Tag To Remove Content Spamming

Content spamming, in its simplest form, is the taking of content from other sites that rank well on the search engines, and then either using it as-it-is or using a utility software like Articlebot to scramble the content to the point that it can’t be detected with plagiarism software.

Technorati Gets Small With Pingerati

Microformat content may now be searched with Technorati’s latest service; also, the company’s Pingerati microformat ping distributor has been put into place.

Haystack Updates

A bunch of news on the Haystack front. In addition to moving to a new infrastructure provider, have put in a load of new capabilities.

Go Tag Yourself on Ziki

Ziki.com is a new entry into the social networking space. It connects people based on how they tag themselves.

Google Update – Changes Done, Changes Coming

Matt Cutts, Google’s chief search engineer, provided a long Q and A session on his blog Tuesday.

Boardtracker Checks Us Into the Boards

Finally there’s now a way for all of us to search message boards, not just professionals who license the high-end tools.


iSift at first blush looks like another digg clone.

Tag Tutorial Time

Over at ProBlogger, Aaron Brazell has written an outstanding tutorial on how to integrate tags into your blog and why this is important.

A New Use for Tag Clouds

The Los Angeles Times has come up with an intriguing new use for a tag cloud.

cNet Uses Google Earth Imagery in NFL Contest

cNet (news.com) has come up with another clever contest using imagery from Google Earth.. funny, I could have sworn that clipping and reposting images from Google Earth on a commercial website was against the terms of use??

Title Tags: SEO by any other name
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Title tags are SEO through name calling.

TaylorMade Golf Launches Two Blogs

TaylorMade Golf, one of the leading equipment manufacturers, has quietly rolled out two blogs.

Tag This Article As “Government”

Federal government technology managers have been weighing the merits of tagging content with metadata, and whether such metadata will be of value in the future.

A Tag Sale Tale

Just when you think you’ve seen it all, here comes a tag sale tale. From the always credible PR Web, comes this gem of a press release.

Ten Technorati Hacks

If there’s any one site I use more than others (with the exception of Gmail), it’s Technorati. This site is a fantastic window into the psyche of the more digitally inclined. Here, in another in my series of hack postings, are 10 ways I get more mileage from T’rati.