Tacoda Articles

ValueClick Sues Tacoda Over Behavioral Targeting Patents

A technology slap-fight headed to the California court rooms in Los Angeles as ValueClick accused Tacoda of infringing on its patents.

Audience Fragmentation Driving Ad Serving Buys

Microsoft, Google, Yahoo, and WPP all ponied up big bucks to gain advertising companies, as Tacoda’s Dave Morgan suggests a splintering online audience has driven this.

New AOL Ad Network Division

MySpace isn’t the only one experimenting with a new ad network. AOL, the long-beleaguered red-headed-step-child of the TimeWarner family, has announced a new advertising network—sort of.

After a long gathering of online advertising companies, they’ve finally created a full-fledged advertising division. Or, perhaps they’ve just revamped all of their old ones and cobbled them into a new, single unit with a new headquarters.

Behavorial Targeting 101: Media Buying Tips

Have you heard of behavioral marketing, but not known exactly what it is? You probably have been exposed to behavioral targeting before at one or more points in your life and not even known it. Behavioral targeting, if done right, can be a very useful tool in your internet marketing tool belt.

AOL Seals Deal With Tacoda

AOL announced today that it has completed its purchase of Tacoda, an online behavioral targeting network. AOL originally made the announcement to acquire Tacoda back on July 24. Tacoda will operate as a wholly owned subsidiary of AOL.

It’s a Targeted Targeted World

In a recent survey CNET asked AOL, Ask.com, Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo about their privacy policies and behavioral targeting. In some cases they asked follow-up questions for clarification.

Here are the results:

AOL Purchases Tacoda

AOL has acquired Tacoda, an online behavioral targeting network. Tacoda will operate as a wholly owned subsidiary of AOL.

BURST Media Partners With Tacoda For Behavioral Targeting

Keeping with the Kanoodle/24/7 Real Media merger theme, BURST Media has announced a partnership with Tacoda for behavioral targeting purposes. The agreement sees BURST making use of Tacoda’s Audience Management System to track its audience.

Tacoda Systems Launches Behavioral Ad Product

Tacoda Systems is currently testing a method of behavioral ad targeting that combines Google AdWords-style targeting and profile-based advertising. The service, which is being tested by four unnamed publications, is called Audience Match.

More Companies Launch Contextual Ad Networks

Tacoda Systems and aQuantive, Inc. have decided to throw their respective hats into the lucrative contextual ad industry. The difference that these companies offer is that they are behaviorally targeting their ads. In other words, the companies are directly targeting users, not just web pages.