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Breakfast At Taco Bell: What They’re Saying

If there was ever a fast food restaurant absolutely no one associated with breakfast, it was Taco Bell. Then came the news last month that the fast food chain was going to throw its hat into the breakfast ring with the likes of McDonald’s, Dunkin Donuts, and Subway. On the upcoming Taco Bell breakfast menu will be such options as …

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Taco Bell Will Start Serving Breakfast On March 27th

Step aside McGriddle, your days are numbered just like your chubby consumers – Taco Bell is stepping up and serving it fresh in the morning with a new national breakfast menu. Originally going in for test runs in roughly 800 outlets in 10 states, Taco Bell is attempting to take a bite out of the breakfast market that McDonalds dominates; …

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Waffle Taco, a New Menu Item from Taco Bell, Will Launch Next Month

It appears that McDonald’s breakfast menu will be facing more competition next month. McDonald’s holds a reputation for being the pioneer of providing appetizing fast food breakfast in the morning. The Egg McMuffin is one of their most popular breakfast choices available to the public. However, another fast food restaurant will soon embrace the early morning breakfast hours. Taco Bell …

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Taco Bell Waffle Taco Is Coming Soon

Taco Bell just keeps coming up with ingenious ideas. A taco made with a giant Dorito? Check. A taco made with a giant Ranch Dorito? Check. A taco made with a folded-over waffle? Don’t stop, Taco Bell, because I WANT ALL THE FOOD. The company has just announced that they’ll be rolling out breakfast soon, and the waffle taco is …

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