Jury Awards Apple $290 Million In Samsung Lawsuit

Jury Awards Apple $290 Million In Samsung Lawsuit

By Bennett Rieser November 21, 2013

The AFP and the San Jose Mercury News reported an important update today on the lawsuit between Apple and Samsung: an eight-person jury from Silicon Valley has awarded Apple $290 million for Samsung’s apparent copying of iPhone and iPad designs, …

Plenty Of Love For The LG C1 Tablet

The LG C1 Tablet PC has not hit the market yet, but its design and Samsung LCD screen have gadget bloggers drooling into their Star Wars cereal bowls.

Tablet PC As Video Star

Online video reaches into all kinds of interest areas, especially those related to technology, and tablet PCs are no exception.

Vista Ready For Tablet PCs

Microsoft has announced pricing and features for the Windows Vista operating system, including which versions will be suitable for Tablet PC users.

Fourier Tablet PCs Aim For Schools

The Israeli company has a plan to capitalize on the US “No Child Left Behind” initiative by developing tablet PCs for a market that could scale up to 55 million kids in five years.

Why Get A Tablet PC?

Bill Gates was a long-time advocate of the tablet form-factor, and those devices have evolved in functionality and construction; all they lack is a mass audience.

Tablet PC – No Longer A Commercial Failure

A tablet PC is a light weight slate shaped hand-held computer or a slim note book PC. The idea is to replace the traditional pen and notebook with a tablet PC and stylus or digital pen.

Tablet PC Software

There are specific operating systems that can be run on a tablet PC. Even certain old programs can work on a new tablet PC.

Cool Tablet PC school

On10.net there’s a cool school that uses Tablet PCs and requires all the fifth graders to have one.