Doc Searls Closes Syndicate Conference

Doc Searls Closes Syndicate Conference

By WebProNews Staff May 18, 2006

The close of the Syndicate Conference in New York came with Searls’ keynote address, where he touched on the issue of “The Return to Producerism.”

Steve Gillmor Makes Gestures

The longtime ZDNet blogger will move his blog to a new domain, he said in his speech at the Syndicate Conference that included commentary on Google, syndication constraints, and the post search, post RSS, post attention world.

The Joys Of Syn…dication

The panel for the Syndicate Conference session, “Everything you always wanted to know about PR and Syndication but were afraid to ask,” traded comments on the tools and techniques for making syndication work in the world of public relations.

Big Media Feels The Fear

Though its been suggested for some time, Reuters senior VP and GM Steven Schwartz confirmed to his audience at the Syndicate Conference that the competition for advertising dollars with the Internet has the traditional media powers very concerned.

A Case For Podcasting Now

Here’s the choice: support a medium where a company could reach an audience where 100 percent of them have an interest in the company’s products, or keep tossing money into mediums where 98 percent of the audience sees the message as an intrusion.

Seeing Syndication’s Big Picture

The mainstreaming of syndicated content online continues to move slowly onward, but it should pick up the pace and impact other media outlets.

Ads, Syndication, And Multimedia

Video publishing represents the intersection of conventional content distribution and modern content syndication; monetizing it requires some different steps.

Yahoo! Finance Badges Detailed
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Another component in Yahoo’s syndication strategy will enable publishers to embed financial information into their sites and blogs. Mani Kulasooriya from Yahoo said the toughest part of creating Yahoo! Finance Badges was not the technical side.

Richard Edelman Speaks At Syndicate

Though bloggers may know him best as “Steve Rubel’s boss,” the president and CEO of the world’s largest independent PR firm carries an impressive reputation, which was in full force during his remarks at the Syndicate Conference.

Technorati In Paramount Pictures Deal

Founder David Sifry moved from helping a user with using Technorati to making an announcement at the Syndicate Conference.

Weinberger Philosophizes On Tagging

His book on tagging, “Everything Is Miscellaneous,” won’t be available until next year, but David Weinberger’s thoughts on tags, those little scraps of metadata, were heard at a session of today’s Syndicate Conference.

Jeff Jarvis Lights Up Syndicate

The Syndicate Conference opened in New York, and Buzzmachine’s Jeff Jarvis provided the opening keynote address with his talk on advertising, syndication, and the challenges of the blogging medium today.

Building A Brand With Podcasts

Speakers at a morning session at the Syndicate Conference discussed ways to use one form of syndication, the podcast, to build and enhance a brand name.